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Telling Tales - Inanna's Descent Into The Underworld

Associating a story (whether myth, fairy tale or personal experience) with each Tarot card is a wonderful way to both remember the meaning of the card and also to add depth to your readings. 1,163 more words


Tarot, Angel Oracle, Lenormand and Events Chart Reading

Being a huge fan and life-long student of astrology, I love doing Tarot readings on important astrological aspects to get more of a visual on what is likely to occur and manifest here on the earth plane. 591 more words


Spread of The Week: Three-Row "Past-Present-Future" Spread

This is a simple 10-card layout that can be used to answer a specific question, or that can be used as a teaching tool to help improve our focus on one element of our psyche that may be in need of development, or to call attention to a specific event or occurrence that may be influential—for good or ill—at this point in our lives. 1,183 more words


In Ashes They Shall Reap - Progressing After Something Ends 

4 Card Draw

  1. What to release now
  2. What to receive now
  3. Action! Get the transition started advice
  4. Healing

Again We Rise - Soul Power Spread

This 8 Card Tarot Spread goes deep, and is meant to boost creativity and serious contemplation!

It offers the opportunity to gain honest feedback and guidance for a querent who: 384 more words


4 Noble Truths Problem-Solving Spread

Lately, I’ve been inhaling Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen. In her chapter on creating tarot spreads, she says that when creating a new spread, you should really think about the larger ideological framework on which the spread rests. 1,113 more words


Tapping Into Confidence with the Starchild Tarot

I have been learning to drive. Being five months pregnant and 28 years old I have found myself overwhelmed and feeling like a failure. After my third lesson I still struggle with my steering and my instructor is suggesting that I upgrade my lesson package to get three more lessons after our scheduled six. 710 more words