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Tips to Avoid Burnout (And a Tarot Spread!)

Full disclosure: I went through a pretty rough time recently.

I was exhausted, overworked, and frustrated. I felt that both my personal and professional efforts weren’t being rewarded in the way that they should be, and instead of stepping back and taking a breather, I pumped more and more energy into things that weren’t working. 1,053 more words

You're not in Kansas any more.

Stories, they fill our childhood, help us escape from stress as an adult, they even make us feel like we can do anything as teens. They do something else too though. 459 more words


Getting to know the Dark Angels Tarot

I’ve been reading the tarot on and off for a few years, more “off” than “on” until fairly recently. When I was in my early twenties, the second or third deck I bought was… 639 more words


New Moon In Cancer Spread

This weekend, we witness the new moon in cancer. Cancer is the sign of home life, mother and family life. It is ruled by the moon and hence is a very sensitive sign, emotional even. 107 more words


A Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

Summer Solstice kind of sneaked up on me this year—I can hardly believe it is tomorrow! This year the Solstice falls on different dates, though, depending on your timezone, so for some of you it will be on the 21st. 380 more words

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How I Lay Out the Celtic Cross (More, More, More Cards!)

Okay, I admit it. I like to pull as many cards as possible for any given tarot reading. What? They’re pretty! The version of the Celtic cross that I currently use includes 14 cards (rather than the usual ten). 697 more words


Tarot Spread for Self-Employed Professionals

In addition to my tarot practice, I work two part-time writing jobs. Tarot inevitably takes the back seat because I haven’t been devoting the time, energy, and effort required to build my community and engage with you, my readers. 1,351 more words

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