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Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: My Version

This is a Tarot Spread based off of the original version of the Celtic Cross. I changed it up and made a spread that I felt resonated with me. 208 more words


A "Collision Course" Spread

Astrology uses the concept of “open enemies” (7th House) and “hidden enemies” (12th House) to describe the interaction of an individual with others who may not have his or her best interests at heart. 182 more words


Gemini New Moon tarot spread

A Gemini New Moon spread for you. The new moon will be exact at 3:42p EDT today.

  1. How have I grown this past lunar cycle?
  2. 136 more words
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Patreon Lunar Letter Update: new moon in Gemini

For my Patreon supporters:

  1. The Lunar Letter for the new moon in Gemini is up on the Patreon blog for supporters at the $1 and up level.
  2. 24 more words

The "Melting Pot" Decision-Making Spread

New ideas for this blog are starting to stack up; I created this spread a couple of days ago but have been trying to limit myself to one new post a day. 267 more words


The "Marchetti Mash-up" 3-Deck Interview

This is an example reading for the “Three-Deck Triathlon” spread I posted yesterday. It is my first use of the spread, so I will be learning as I go along. 760 more words


The "Three-Deck Triathlon" Spread

As I accumulate more decks in a similar style (for example, Thoth and RWS clones, Tarot de Marseille variants, pagan-themed decks, and so forth), I encounter the need to decide which deck of the type is the most effective for everyday use, and which is the most worthy to become a mainstay in my practice. 427 more words