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The "Fool's Insight" Spread

This spread uses the Fool card from a second deck as a kind of impartial observer of the situation described in the reading. It represents an archetypal Inner Fool “holding up a mirror” ( the cards in the spread) to reflect the querent’s wisdom or folly in the matter at hand. 66 more words


Location is Everything

As most experienced tarot readers know, the cards are less than stellar at identifying where an event forecast in a reading is likely to take place. 192 more words


The "Truth vs. Lies" Conflict-Resolution Spread

This spread weighs whether the true or false aspects of the querent’s situation and environment will have the upper hand in determining  who comes out on top in a conflict. 46 more words


The "Spirit Contact" Communication Spread

This is an odd one inspired by discussions on the Aeclectic Tarot forum about using tarot cards to contact ancestral spirits. It takes into account the hazards of invoking the Lower Astral plane when indiscriminately opening oneself up to unfiltered psychic influences.

P7D-Ancestor Spread


The "Balance of Forces" Decision-Making Spread

This is a slightly fanciful spread designed around the model of a Medieval “high fantasy” court, with King, Queen, Mage, Priest, Knights (War Chief and Queen’s Guard) and Realm, along with the the advisory inputs of Justice, Mercy and other forms of counsel based on elemental “jurisdiction.” But it has a serious objective: whether to take an offensive stance and advance on a problem, or to assume a more defensive position and stand fast or even retreat. 43 more words


The One about Tarot & Divination

I’ve had tarot cards for a long time. I have a deck of Waite-Smith someone I knew a long while ago gifted me. I used to have a… 1,180 more words


The "Money Matters" Enterprise Spread

The goal of this spread is to provide broad insights into the prospects for success of any start-up business venture. It is taken in the most straightforward sense, without consideration of the myriad subtle factors that can make or break a new business. 46 more words