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Chocolate Cake Spread - Get an ego boost!

** Remember, you can add or remove cards, transform this spread to boost your ego the best way! If knowing how others perceive this quality isn’t something that is going to help you, remove this card! 21 more words


Past, Present, Future, Action: Four-Card "Yom Kippur" Spread

Besides marking the fall solstice, the beginning of autumn and the advent of the sign of Libra, today is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, a day devoted to fasting, meditation and prayer—a day devoted to taking stock of one’s accomplishments, shortcomings and transgressions over the past year and, as an act of atonement, pledging to live a more compassionate, forgiving and moral life in the coming year. 605 more words


Overcoming Crisis: Seven-Card "Tower" Spread

Sooner or later, it happens to all of us: An unforeseen event, a perceived tragedy or a moment of adversity, that causes us to lose our emotional bearings and which, left unaddressed and un-remedied, can have extremely unfortunate consequences for us. 929 more words


Tarot as tool for self-care

The biggest gift Tarot has given me is support for self-care.

Sure, reading Tarot for myself does much more than that; it helps me answer loads of different questions—from everything to making big life-changing decisions to grasping the bigger picture to figuring out how to approach difficult relationships more constructively. 1,229 more words


Tarot Jam- Getting to Know Me

Hello and welcome to the first Tarot Jam Blog Hop! The theme for this blog hop is:  Get to Know Me as a Tarot Blogger! 698 more words


Now Available On Store Envy!

The Spread for Path Exploration is now up for purchase on Store Envy. If you would like to have your next reading with this spread, please visit the… 103 more words


22-Card Tableau Spread

Hiya, kids. We’re going to try something different today.

This is a spread I’ve played around with a couple of times before and that I’ve found very good for analyzing major turning points in a querent’s life. 1,390 more words