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Daily Tarot Reading for September 23, 2020

The Tarot card for today is the Joker. With this card (which corresponds to the Fool in the traditional Tarot deck), Spirit is asking us to consider freedom and fearlessness. 55 more words


Freestyle tarot: autumn 2020

This is just something fun I’d like to try – let me know in the comments if you enjoy it!

A little background: I have personally been watching tarot videos on YouTube for entertainment since 2016, and even though I honestly do not believe in fortune telling, I find it fascinating how tarot tends to attract (for the most part) high-vibe, spiritual people who constantly work on becoming a better version of themselves. 2,688 more words


New Cards, Old Ways

Way back in February, I happened across a pre-sale notification for The Magical Nordic Tarot by Jayne Wallace. I ordered it as a gift to myself and yesterday on my Birthday, it landed on my doorstep. 729 more words


Three Card Advice

Today we are assisted by Rico! (Even though he only wanted to pick the first card.) With his help, we are looking at advice for the day with this spread: Strength, Weakness, Advice. 165 more words

Tarot Reading

Friends of the whales

To help our whale friends (and because we could) we messed with the whalers and fooled them.

We appeared as a bolt from the blue and outsmarted them, we cut their virtual nets and got out intact. 23 more words

Tarot Reading Today: 23-September-2020

Wheel of Fortune

It is interesting that we have been getting all Major Arcana cards this week. Today is the day when you will come across situations that will need you to chose – between hope and fear, action and no action, and black and white. 79 more words


Birthday Blessing KarmaKookie5

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

This is all you! It looks like there is a lot ahead of you this year. So much so, that you’re going to have to spend some time in contemplation, and consideration about what you want and the direction you want your life to take. 115 more words