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Insight Card Readings

Tarot, Oracle and Meditation card readings from Divination Decks.

Self Knowledge. Self Knowledge in Context. Expanding one’s playground. Talking to yourself in another way. Connecting beyond your familiar world. 1,049 more words


Day 16: Grief and Praise, The Chariot

This card is perfect for how I feel today. The Chariot. And El Goliath has done a wonderful job once again.

The Chariot card is about being in a position of control and having to reign in powerful forces. 774 more words


Aspects of Depression in Tarot

Learn about the various approaches that the Tarot takes toward depression.

Depression has a lot of nuance, and the tarot card archetypes can be a tool to define the details of your struggle and help you see how to overcome those particular challenges. 207 more words

Tarot Reading Today: 05-August-2020

Empress Tarot Card

It is a beautiful day today. We are graceful with the people around us. Time to remain calm even when we think things are going out of hand. 101 more words


Book of Thoth: Part 1, Chapter II.

My last post in this series should probably have been titled Part One, Chapter I. It is, after all, the way Mr. Crowley presents the information in the… 1,804 more words