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Today's reading

Queen of Stones

The ancient ancestor of the modern bear, the cave bear hibernated in caves during the cold northern winter. Their skulls were buried by Neanderthals and caves were shared during some periods. 75 more words


April Special: Free Cartomancy Reading

Let’s make this April about the Fool – in the major arcana sense of the word

It’s a time of beginning, journey-ing, play and lighthearted fun… 107 more words


April 1, 2015 - Card 'O The Day!

Well this is a treat: The Devil. When I first got my deck this was one of the cards whose imagery truly frightened me. There’s just something about that goat with the glowing eyes and twisty horns. 201 more words


Daily Meditation - Queen of Pentacles

The first word out of my mouth when I turned over today’s card was, “Perfect!” The Queen of Pentacles is just who I need on my side. 263 more words


Sort of on track! Tarot, 10 of Cups.

Because I failed at scanning any of the seventy-leven drawings I have waiting, you just get the one today. ¬†Still, it’s one with baby penguins, so no bitching, you. 66 more words

Card of the Day: April 1 2015 - Two of Cups

Happy first day of April 2015! Today is a day to come together in mutual understanding and union. Any disputes or arguments can be forgiven and reconciled – a truce may be put into force. 62 more words


Astraea: Star Goddess of the Golden Age

During the Golden Age, Greek mythology tells us, the immortals and humans lived together on Earth. As time passed, and the Bronze and Iron Ages came, humans became less moral, and finally during the Iron Age (according to Ovid) Astraea, the only Immortal who still lived on Earth, fled to the heavens: 559 more words