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Cancer August 2016

Monisha asks you to discipline yourself and bring the focus back on yourself. There is great achievement in this line of thought than in focusing on others.


Gemini August 2016

Gemini, who might feel that their team has betrayed you or feels a lack of trust, has gone into a ‘dark cave’. Dark caves are a time to introspect and learn more about oneself.


Taurus August 2016

Monisha asks you to be aware of your expenditure so that you can earn, spend and save in equal measure. If you are keeping your options open in your romantic life, August is the month where you’ll make up your mind and take a decision.


Aries August 2016

“With great power comes great responsibility.” What is true for superheroes is also true for Aries in the month of August 2016. Also, Monisha tells you what you need to do to have a loving environment at home.

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Card of the Week: July 31-August 6 2016 - Nine of Cups

This week can be a great start to an interesting month.

This week’s card is the same as the card for August, the Nine of Cups… 177 more words


Card of the Month: August 2016 – Nine of Cups

This month may be a realisation of dreams. The Nine of Cups is traditionally known as the “Wish Card”, so make your wishes, dream your dreams, set your goals and keep at it. 345 more words