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Landscapes in Cinema

When I think of landscapes in films I automatically think of Tarsem Singh‘s The Fall.

While the characters real world is very closed off, the hospital and the surrounding woods are quite restricting locations. 345 more words

Screen + Sound

Mirror Mirror (2012)

How many times do you allow a filmmaker to burn you before you stop coming back for more? Usually I’d allow a fairly long leash in these situations, but I have a feeling Tarsem Singh is about to really test my patience. 745 more words

Brandon Ledet

The Fall (2008)

A paralysed stuntman entertains a little girl with fairy tales whilst in hospital with the ulterior motive of tricking her into helping him commit suicide. 167 more words


Tale of Tales Review

Why is it that whenever someone that isn’t with Disney adapts a fairy tale, they copy George R.R. Martin instead? 762 more words


The Cell

The Cell

(Regie: Tarsem Singh – USA, 2000)

In einem wissenschaftlichen Institut arbeitet man mit einer Apparatur, die es ermöglicht, in die Psyche von Menschen einzudringen, um so Problemen auf die Spur zu kommen.

642 more words

The way of all flesh: A critical review of "Self/less" (2015)

What I like about Ben Kingsley is what all right thinking people like about Ben Kingsley: that he’ll be in your movie no matter what it is. 707 more words



Eventually, I will completely trash a movie with a one-leaf rating. But Self/less barely managed to stay above my personal hate threshold. It starts out as a promising-enough, Twilight Zone-y science fiction flick, but then it quickly devolves into a gimmicky and predictable action flick — complete with multiple gun fights, chase scenes, flamethrowers, etc. 214 more words

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