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God Created Man. Man Created Immortality

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the recent American sci-fi thriller, from director Tarsem Singh (“Immortals”, “The Cell”). The movie, titled “Self/Less” was written by David Pastor and Alex Pastor (“Carriers”, “Out Of The Dark”). 773 more words


johnlink ranks THE CELL (2000)

Sometimes, it feels like I’ve seen every thriller made in the late 90s and early 2000s. That is not a brag. That is not even a humblebrag. 568 more words

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Reynolds/Sci-fi – Self/less (2015)

I wouldn’t mind being reincarnated as Ryan Reynolds.  So this focuses on a science-fiction concept known as shedding.  What this entails is that if you’re rich and successful enough, you can do this procedure that puts your soul into another body once you’ve become too decrepit to carry on in your current vessel.  403 more words


"Self/Less" (2015)

“Deus criou os Homens.

Os Homens criaram a imortalidade.”

Gosto quando começo a ver um filme sem qualquer tipo de expectativa sobre ele. “Self/less” foi um desses casos, não tinha visto nenhum trailer, nem lido nenhuma crítica, basicamente não sabia nada sobre esta produção quando me deparei com ela. 365 more words


The Most Beautiful Movie That No One Watches - The Fall

It took more than four years to make and filmed in more than 20 countries. The director has helmed other big budget films and is well respected. 253 more words


Movie Review: Self/Less

There are trailers of movies which tend to have a likable cast and successfully makes us think – ‘thats an interesting concept’, but when you actually watch the film you are totally disappointed to know the film is everything you were hoping the film would not be. 1,296 more words


Movie Review: "Self/Less: is  not as Dumb as it could be and not as Smart as it should be

The opening scenes of “Self/Less” are promising.  Ben Kingsley plays a rich industrialist who is dying of cancer and is offered the possibility of transferring his consciousness into a younger body.  173 more words

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