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Music Video of the Day: Losing My Religion by R.E.M. (1994, dir. Tarsem Singh)

This is what I get for doing my recommendation worm nonsense to pick out some music videos to feature. That means I was on Zombie by The Cranberries and this was the first music video that YouTube recommended as a result, so I picked it out next. 365 more words

Music Video

Googly googly googly

De mult nu mi s-a mai întâmplat să plâng așa la un film!

(Poate că n-ar trebui să încep astfel – în loc să-i incite pe oameni, fraza de mai sus ar putea să-i facă pufnească a lehamite – mai ales pe cei ce știu c-am terminat un master la Centrul de Excelență în Studiul Imaginii cu o disertație pe film – ce student la CESI bocește la filme în loc să le urmărească intelectual, rece, cu tolba plină de referințe cinematografice obscure, notând minutul și cadrul? 785 more words


Mind-bending Movies: ”The Cell” (2000)

Are there too many movies about serial killers? Yes, definitely. Do they all live up to their intentions? No, of course not. This one maybe doesn’t either. 1,717 more words

Film Review

The Fall, 2006

Tarsem Singh’s second feature, The Fall (2006), is the third of his films I’ve seen to date and it is undoubtedly the best. While I love… 480 more words

Feature Post

Landscapes in Cinema

When I think of landscapes in films I automatically think of Tarsem Singh‘s The Fall.

While the characters real world is very closed off, the hospital and the surrounding woods are quite restricting locations. 345 more words

Screen + Sound

Mirror Mirror (2012)

How many times do you allow a filmmaker to burn you before you stop coming back for more? Usually I’d allow a fairly long leash in these situations, but I have a feeling Tarsem Singh is about to really test my patience. 745 more words

Brandon Ledet

The Fall (2008)

A paralysed stuntman entertains a little girl with fairy tales whilst in hospital with the ulterior motive of tricking her into helping him commit suicide. 167 more words