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From Saul to Paul by getting a patronus Pauli

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Charles Vergeer reviewed Thijs Voskuilen‘s master’s thesis and book Alias Paulus  13,251 more words

Dealing With Truth Anyway

Seven Arguments against Paul .. and the Toldoth Jeschu Tradition

Argument 1: Paul’s immoral views on slavery, women and gays

In Ephesians 6 Paul told slaves to be loyal to their masters, comparing slave-masters to Christ. 1,292 more words


Movie Review: The Conspiracy - 2012, Christopher MacBride

After seeing The Blair Witch Project in 1999, I always enjoy a well-done “found footage” movie.  These movies are presented as though filmed by the characters themselves (usually deceased) and thus take on homey, amateur, documentary-like feel that, when done right, can really amplify the suspense factor. 165 more words


Es wird Zeit für ein paar Fotos

Ein neuer Rekord auf dem Weg nach Mersin: mit einem 36 Jahre alten Renault die Küste entlang, eine Antiquität für sich.

Dann mein ungeplanter Besuch in Tarsus bei Yusuf und seinen Geschwistern im Restaurant, wo ich ein bisschen mitgeholfen und mir nachmittags kurz die Innenstadt angeguckt habe. 573 more words



Her name means: “Worthy” or “Venerable”

Her character: One of the first missionaries and a leader of the early church, along with her husband, Aquila, she risked her life for the apostle Paul. 1,245 more words

Saints & Sinners

Saul II of Tarsus (The Apostle Paul) comparrison to Saul I (leader of Israel)

 Saul II of Tarsus (The Apostle Paul) comparrison to Saul I (leader of Israel)

SAUL I of Israel SAUL II of Tarsus (Apostle Paul)


From the Tribe of Benjamin… 1,635 more words
Apostle Paul

The Holy Spirit wants the church to know the Apostle Paul was an Antichrist Christian instructing others to disobey the message of Truth.

The Holy Spirit who is God acknowledges that Paul did live out his walk as Antichrist.

The gifts and callings are without repentance, so as Balaam received the anointing, so did Paul. 24 more words

Apostle Paul