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Cities of Acts #2 Tarsus

Then the church had peace. Honestly, I felt like this verse should have been located way up around verse nineteen. Paul goes on a mission to kill off the followers of Jesus in Damascus. 1,090 more words


Saul Preaches the Gospel

Acts 9:20-31

After his experience on the Damascus Road left him blind, and being touched by Ananias and the Holy Spirit restored his sight, Saul begins to preach the Gospel with boldness. 21 more words


Off-topic: My first ebook

At long last, I take great pleasure in announcing the publishing of my first ebook. It’s called “The Apostle Paul – Saul of Tarsus: The Bitter Root.” It can be found on Smashwords at… 250 more words


13th October 117 AD - Hadrian travels back to Rome and reaches Mopsucrene (#Hadrian1900)

At the beginning of October 117 AD, the moment came for Hadrian to leave Antioch for Rome, leaving the command of the province of Syria to Catilius Severus who had just been installed as legate. 2,345 more words


Season's end

Yesterday I awoke in the Turkish city of Adana; this morning my window overlooks the Toronto airport, the city skyline in the hazy distance. Tomorrow, I’ll wake to my Kelowna valley view. 157 more words

Acts 21: 30-40

Verses 37-40: “Then as Paul was about to be led into the barracks, he said to the commander, “May I speak to you?” He replied, “Can you speak Greek? 532 more words

The Apostle Paul's Life Before Conversion

The following passages in the New Testament tell us of the life of Paul before his conversion and details about his personal life. Most of them are from The book of Acts, the rest are from his letters. 1,661 more words