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"Where are you?" N:o 4 Love and subjectivity are opposites

The world, from the perspective of a satellite in the sky, does not remind a Paradise any more. Eyes becoming watery you have been seeing all the defects there already. 418 more words

Christian Life

Talking Turkey

“Have you been to hell?” the ticket-taker at the entrance gate asked me.
I looked over at my wife. We would be married for twenty-seven years in two weeks time. 607 more words

Arches and Facade

Arches and Facade – the arched alcove of the marble gate/entrance to Tarsus’s Grand Mosque (Tarsus, Turkey) (March 2015)

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From Saul to Paul by getting a patronus Pauli

Listening to Kaiti Koullia – Bolta sta Dodekanissa mix
Kaiti life here.

Charles Vergeer reviewed Thijs Voskuilen‘s master’s thesis and book Alias Paulus  13,250 more words

Dealing With Truth Anyway

Seven Arguments against Paul .. and the Toldoth Jeschu Tradition

Argument 1: Paul’s immoral views on slavery, women and gays

In Ephesians 6 Paul told slaves to be loyal to their masters, comparing slave-masters to Christ. 1,289 more words


Movie Review: The Conspiracy - 2012, Christopher MacBride

After seeing The Blair Witch Project in 1999, I always enjoy a well-done “found footage” movie.  These movies are presented as though filmed by the characters themselves (usually deceased) and thus take on homey, amateur, documentary-like feel that, when done right, can really amplify the suspense factor. 165 more words