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Siblings... What are they good for?

Hello internet peoples,

Today is National Sibling Day! And while I usually only prescribe to “official” holidays (it’s always a national something day), today celebrates something truly special… the sibling relationship. 444 more words


The Cruel Prince

I found this one while looking for a book published in 2018 for this book challenge I’m doing. Well actually my cousin found it. She googled; we searched; I bought. 222 more words

Client Story: James & Taryn Leiker

Have you ever thought, If I just made a ton of money, all my problems will go away ? James and Taryn Leiker were making a ton of money, and they [ ]

Getting Back in the Groove After Weight Loss

After losing weight, Taryn was unhappy with her breasts. Although she was excited to see results after all of her hard work, she didn t feel like herself when she noticed her previously shapely breasts were smaller and drooping. 27 more words