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Still struggling with the language

I’ve had a month of lessons two nights per week at the Alliance Francaise, free for two months through Ray’s work at the University. My teacher is young, beautiful and funny and the students are adorable. 416 more words

May in Lyon

We knew it was May in Trento because overnight about twenty new gelato places opened their doors. In Lyon, the bars and restaurants take over the streets. 195 more words

Your Friend at Bottom Lounge 4/9/2016

In a twist I never would have seen coming in a million years, the show at Bottom Lounge started early yesterday. Your Friend was the opener, and by the time I got into the venue the set was more than half over. 78 more words


Charades comes in handy

Since I have not started my French lessons yet beyond Duolingo, I usually begin my conversations in stores with, “Bonjour. Parlez-vous anglais?” This often works very well but today I went searching for a blow-up mattress in honor of Luca’s arrival and could not find anyone who did at the Grande Carroufour (Target of Lyon). 87 more words

Happy Birthday, Ray!

It’s already January 29th in France and it’s the first time since Ray was turning 23 that I haven’t been with him on his birthday. I guess that makes us pretty lucky, even if this year feels a little strange. 89 more words

The Lyon Adventure begins...for some of us!

A week ago today, Ray and Téa left for Lyon, while Alex, Luca and I moved into our temporary home on Gray Street. (Alex for only two days before heading back to Tufts, but it was great having him help with our transition and fill our empty house with music and his stuff, in a way only Alex can do.) Thank you, Sarah, for helping to arrange our temporary accommodations. 115 more words

Happy Boxing Day & Meet Ginny!

Okay, first of all Happy Boxing day. Second of all, you must be wondering who Ginny is. Ginny ( her name is really Ginevra, but she goes generally by Ginny. 154 more words