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Happy Birthday, Ray!

It’s already January 29th in France and it’s the first time since Ray was turning 23 that I haven’t been with him on his birthday. I guess that makes us pretty lucky, even if this year feels a little strange. 38 more words

The Lyon Adventure begins...for some of us!

A week ago today, Ray and Téa left for Lyon, while Alex, Luca and I moved into our temporary home on Gray Street. (Alex for only two days before heading back to Tufts, but it was great having him help with our transition and fill our empty house with music and his stuff, in a way only Alex can do.) Thank you, Sarah, for helping to arrange our temporary accommodations. 115 more words

Legal Theft Flash Fiction: Easy as a Whisper (789 words)

Taryn hesitated on the balls of his feet, wondering how there could be so much hazard in the cut of a smile. Blinking across at Lord Brance, he tried to decide if the twenty feet between them had played with the lines of his face. 798 more words


Flash Fiction: Collection (819 words)

Taryn’s father had scars like constellations, overlapped like tidelines on the beach, washing his arms in curls of red and brown and white. His mother’s arms were the same shade of tan from fingertip to elbow, slowly fading as it reached her shoulders, touched only by the sun. 802 more words


There Are No Vampires In This Book by Megan Bailey Reviewed


Author: Megan Bailey

Title: There Are No Vampires In This Book

Pages: 171

Genre: New Adult

Date published: June 1, 2015


Book Review

We Are Not a Black People Club

So at my school we have a Center for Multicultural Education and Community Life. It’s run by one of the nicest woman I’ve ever met. She’s really in charge of admission and diversity in my school, but she takes time out to make sure all the students of color at my school feel comfortable. 239 more words