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Getting Back in the Groove After Weight Loss

After losing weight, Taryn was unhappy with her breasts. Although she was excited to see results after all of her hard work, she didn t feel like herself when she noticed her previously shapely breasts were smaller and drooping. 27 more words

Client Interviews: Taryn Leiker & Tim Drisdelle

Watch this episode of The Dani Johnson Show, for Dani’s interview with clients, Taryn and Tim, who share the stories of THEIR success…and learn how YOU can experience the same kind of success!

Return to Silence

The Tracean Empire stretches across the stars, but the glow of the planet of Asgardia outshone them all. The sprawling capital of Zaringrad overwhelms the snowy peaks of the planet’s northern hemisphere. 3,245 more words


new zine: life without booze

True to its title, Taryn reflects on what her life is like now at six years sober (the short answer is, pretty great). On each page she lists one small example of how sobriety has changed her life, and the zine is intended to be “straight up honest, no bullshit, just me talking about what it’s like…”. 45 more words