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Follow The Sunnah Not The Society


A colleague says that we should not eat with our hands in front of non-Muslims since they will gain a bad impression of us. Please comment. 321 more words

Purification Of The Soul

4 Stages of Taqwa

Shaykh Uthman Dan Fodio (rahimahullah) relates four levels of al-war’a (scrupulousness) with regards to Halaal and Haraam, accepted by the fuqaha and Auliya:

“As for what is permissible (halaal) and forbidden (haraam) – showing devout scrupulousness with regard to what is forbidden is apart of the deen. 194 more words


For sisters only

Assalamu alaykum dear sisters, since I understand that some sisters will not be able to attend due to difficulties. I have decided to hold the Naseeha session also on Skype, so that sisters can listen from the comfort of their homes and make new companionships from there. 111 more words


Eight Benefits of Suhbat

Haatim Asam was a mureed (disciple) of Hadhrat Shaqeeq Balkhi (Rahmatullahi alaihima). Hazrat Shaqeeq asked him one day:

“You have been with me for thirty years. 934 more words


The creation of Jannah and Jahannum

“When  Allah  created Jannat, He said to Jibra-eel, ‘Go and look at it (Jannat)!’ He (Jibra-eel) went and looked at it. He returned and said, ‘O my RABB By Your Splendour, there will not be a person who hears of it but will enter it.’

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