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Book Review: Piano. Complete Works 1966–2014

Piano, virtuoso. This book covers the wide-ranging career of the master architect. “The array of buildings by Renzo Piano is staggering in scope and comprehensive in the diversity of scale, material, and form. 251 more words

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Vincent van Gogh -- 'The Power to Create' (5/5)

. . . art is something which, though produced by human hands, is not wrought by hands alone, but wells up from a deeper source, from man’s soul, while much of the proficiency and technical expertise associated with art reminds me of what would be called self righteousness in religion.

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Book Review: ANDO Complete Works 1975-2014

The new issue of TASCHEN’s monograph on Japanese architect Tadao Ando is an impressive voyage through the world of one of the most popular architects of our time.

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Vincent van Gogh -- The Developing Artist (4/5)

Despite your illness you have never before done such well-balanced work, without sacrificing any feeling or any of the inner warmth demanded by a work of art, .

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Vincent van Gogh -- Encountering the Art (3/5)

Though I cannot predict what I shall be able to do, I hope to make a few sketches with perhaps something human in them…

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh…

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Vincent van Gogh -- ‘Nature Viewed through a Temperament’ (2/5)

[H]e wanted to pave the way for . . . . that societal power which he was convinced lay with the common people.

It is this that makes van Gogh the forerunner…

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