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Patient Power

Here at WarksDemocracy, we’re about to embark upon a new project to help our Councillors work more effectively with the five NHS Trusts that operate in Warwickshire. 448 more words


Schools Out?

There’s been lots of media coverage recently about the government’s reform of the education system. Secretary of State, Michael Gove MP, has been far from slow in driving forward his desire to give schools more freedom and independence. 412 more words


How bus services cuts have affected local communities

Councillors have just begun a scrutiny review of the impact that bus service cuts have had on local communities. The review aims to find the places in the County that have been hardest hit and find ways to improve their services. 212 more words


Getting to the heart of young people’s issues

Warwickshire has a vibrant pool of young people engaged in politics and democracy, with lots of ideas and issues they want to see addressed. They now have a clearer route into the County Council to raise awareness of those issues… 218 more words


Street Lighting Scrutiny Review

Last week we kicked off a scrutiny review looking at some major upcoming changes to street lighting in Warwickshire.

Warwickshire County Council has set itself a target to save… 233 more words