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Reducing Task Overload With Time Contexts

I cannot live without my to-do lists.

I am completely rubbish at committing things to memory; I am someone who needs to be constantly reminded whenever I need to do something. 658 more words


How to W.I.N.

Here’s a template for winning (W.I.N. — What’s Important Now)

  1. If it is important today but will not be important tomorrow – do it now!  (The opportunity of a lifetime does not last a lifetime)
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The ONE THING For Today

Review of PRIORITY MATRIX - a workflow system that will revolutionize how IT managers work

This is a BOLD CLAIM, I know, , , but I believe wholeheartedly this system is going to create a paradigm shift in how IT managers work. 1,118 more words

IT Manager Tools

Project Management Essentials – What do you Need to Start a “Project”?

We all talk a lot about Project Management; but, before we proceed, let us just understand what is a project? Does any activity carried out by an individual or a group of people for a prolonged duration classify as a project?  221 more words

Project Management

Save iPhone Voicemails to Things


No matter what task-management system you use, one essential element is the ability to add tasks seamlessly and consistently. In my case, I use Todoist to keep track of what I need to do, so I obviously want all of my tasks to end up there. 444 more words

Keeping up with tech

I think the hardest part of each day is fitting in the time to look for and learn something new. There are so many projects running across my some days, I don’t have much free time. 569 more words


What I'm Creating - June 14

I now have more time in the next six days than I would have had if I went to the reunion in Wisconsin. To fight the creeping feelings of regret, I’m going to make this weekend as purposeful as possible. 377 more words

100 Posts In 100 Days