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Organize All the Things!

I was on the train in to work this morning when an article came across my Google feed. The article is just one of many over the past few years that talk about task management tools and why Trello is inadequate, and decided that I’m tired of Trello being lumped in with apps that are specifically designed around application development and team/task management. 634 more words


On My 'To Do' List

While I finished my coffee this morning, I reviewed and added a number of items to my ever growing ‘to do’ list.  This action alone, although meant to be encouraging – I had managed to remove six items yesterday- was extraordinarily deflating.   614 more words

Big Rocks and Little Rocks

We all struggle with prioritizing the big and important things in life and making time and finding the focus to tackle them. For several years, when I was working in the corporate world, I printed this out and hung it up in my office. 361 more words

Productivity Best Practices

One thing at a time, simple as that

I feel much more focussed than before in just about everything I do. I have been reflecting on this and wondering what has really changed. I realised what brought about this wonderful change is a simple thing. 1,219 more words


Using OneNote for Follow Up Tracking

Following up on the completion of others is part of a project managers world. Making sure the assignments are done on time and within scope can consume a great deal of effort especially when dealing with a distributed team. 245 more words


INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Tips to Prioritize Tasks When Everything is a Priority

By: Pramod Jaiswal, Customer Success Manager at Celoxis

About Celoxis:

Celoxis is a comprehensive project management tool that helps companies streamline management of projects, time sheets, expenses and business processes, specific to their organization. 35 more words


684 and that many minutes later...

Time and Task Management

In the Past

I haven’t color-coded since high school. Yet, here I am, starting another week, finding myself even writing with specific colored pencils, pens, and using the same color highlighter and folder. 1,134 more words