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Time wasters to cut (working mom time is precious)

How many things are on your task list today? How many pages? What about the phone calls you need to make… emails you need to return… paperwork you need to file… meetings you need to attend… 660 more words

Task Management

Evernote and GTD

The book; “Getting Things Done” often abbreviated and referred to “GTD”, by David Allen has motivated many to become better organised. The popular book has also given rise to countless applications, some of which integrate with Evernote to varying degrees. 560 more words

David Allen

The Basics of Task Management

There comes a time when your business grows beyond what you can manage yourself. If you’re a one-person operation, it may have even grown to the point where you can’t keep all the things you need to accomplish in your head anymore. 754 more words


Bite-Sized​ Pieces

Walk into any bookstore (okay . . . or peruse Amazon) and you will undoubtedly find a large section of books on management and leadership. Helping people hone their leadership skills has become quite an industry. 385 more words



Slightly off-topic for this blog, but distantly related to mental patterns.  Something I have been struggling with recently.  Notes mostly to myself, but may be of interest to others. 1,003 more words

6 Spring Cleaning To-Dos

As springtime brings the promise of warmer days and longer stints of daylight, now is an ideal time to get cracking on your spring cleaning responsibilities—both at home and at your small business! 547 more words


Review of Teamweek Project Management Software

Well, first off, I’m not impressed. I go to the site, https://teamweek.com. The site talks about planning resources visually and empowering managers. Okay. So how are you going to do this?  92 more words

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