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The perks of being fully scheduled and always on the go :-)

Long time not posted, which is one of the reasons for what I decided to write about the week just passed so you’d have an idea how I successfully, or not so successfully I manage my tasks and times around the clock. 1,172 more words


Emotional Energy and Faith: Helps with ADHD

To-do lists. Planners. Day-timers. Post-its. Scraps of paper. Oh the tools of time management and productivity; the resources are endless. Three months into the year and I already had to switch day planners twice (I always have a paper version and simultaneously an electronic version). 288 more words

Adult Adhd

How to Organize Your Life with Daily Notes

It’s never easy and it will take some time getting use to but Daily Notes is here to help:

Organize Your Life: Compartmentalize

Separate the different aspects of your life from each other using the “Tabs” in Daily Notes. 405 more words

Daily Notes App

Task management - lists - a nightmare for ADHD or a savior?

i have tried different ways of managing tasks. And failed often. I start a list, they get lost. I don’t update them etc. Lists seem to work for everyone. 351 more words

Life With ADHD

Automating collection of To Dos from meeting notes using DevonThink, AppleScript and Things

For sometimes now, I went fully digital when attending meetings (one on one, research, scientific congress or even committee meetings). I adopted the iPad for that task just a few month after it came out on the market. 740 more words


Managing your tasks (Part 1 of 2: Prioritizing)

In this two-part series, we will discuss methods and list board examples to help you better sort and prioritize your tasks, both at the office and at home. 487 more words

Daily Tasks

The Perfect Solution for Sales and Service Industry

Work Force Tracker is a flawless answer for dealing with your field specialists and for giving predominant administrations. It gives backing to your whole group, from the workplace to the field. 510 more words

Work Force Tracker