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Time Management - A Marathon and a Pomodoro!

Time Management & Pomodoro – Feel Like You’re Running a Marathon?

I will start by referring to the Pomodoro; it is a type of tomato AND a technique to help with time management, and more on that in a few paragraphs time. 1,093 more words

Ramblings About Training Subjects

How To Find the Time to Write Blog articles?

We all know the benefits of the blog to boost the visibility of your company and position you as an expert in the eyes of your target, like any other form of marketing content elsewhere. 1,440 more words


Tactical and long term solutions to task overload

When you find yourself completely overloaded with a mountain of tasks and more things keep piling on top of the mountain, you need a tactical solution. 1,362 more words

Pocket Informant Update

Pocket Informant, an all in one calendar and task management app, has been updated to version 4.54.

According to the developer, the following improvements have been made: 300 more words


International Institute of Task Analysis

As I have been following the subject of task analysis in the past few months, I’ve come across the International Institute of Task Analysis which is a recognized professional organization in the United Kingdom. 119 more words

Business Performance

ADHD and Small Group Studies

When you have ADHD sometimes paying full attention during small group studies can be a real challenge. Despite being interested in the topic and discussion, the mind can easily wonder. 621 more words


Get(ting) Shit Done #GTD #Productivity

“Life is busy. Time doesn’t stop. Distractions abound. We all have the same 24 hours in a day that never seem enough. Catching up is today’s middle name.” 998 more words

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