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A Plethora of Options for Mapping Out My Mind

I want a mind map driven task manager for someone with a Mac laptop and an Android phone.

My life is much too complicated to manage without a digital brain, but the last thing I want to do is face the fact that I have too many interests and not enough time. 426 more words

What Makes a Task Management Software the Best

In today’s modern era where technology is on a non-stop advancement, a business is only as good as its involvement with technology. By incorporating technology in normal day routine in different ways and for different purposes, many businesses are getting an edge over their competitors. 461 more words

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Book Review: "Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World" and Why I've Been Gone

I kill books on Audible. I listen, I read, I listen, I read. I am always searching for something, whether entertainment or in this case, Raw Power. 1,279 more words


Where do your review cycles run?

I’m currently taking the second year of the Chinese curriculum here at MIT, and as anyone learning another language knows, there’s a lot to remember. It can be easy to focus on the short term and review just the most recent vocabulary and characters we’ve learned, but the class is cumulative; I am often asked to read or recall anything we’ve learned in the first year as well. 1,361 more words

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Tools You Can Use to Achieve Balance

We all seem to constantly seek work-life balance. We often talk about ways of achieving it. We pursue the perfect alignment of work, family, and personal goals but we still struggle with how to achieve it given the set number of hours we have each day. 455 more words

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5 Signs Your Company Desperately Needs A Project Management Software

Project Management is an integral activity across company operations. When dealt adeptly it surely helps companies grow, add more clients and expand their market footprint. There are multiple moving parts in play as the business grows which become difficult to manage with time. 445 more words

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Just Say NO!

Almost every productivity expert agrees that one critical way to improve your productivity and focus is to stop taking on every new task and learn how to say, “No.” For me this has been a huge struggle and continues to be a challenge. 466 more words

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