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Three Reasons I've Switched From Evernote to Omnifocus For Task Management

Longtime readers of my various blogs will have realised by now: I’m terrible at keeping myself organised. I’ve got no ability to keep things in my head – it doesn’t matter how hard I try to remember all the stuff I have to recall during the day, I’ll forget at least one important task or appointment a week, along with a bunch of less important things. 409 more words


Setting Task Deadlines

I’m good at writing down tasks I need to accomplish within the current week.  If it’s especially something that has a deadline, then I’m all over it. 750 more words


Todoist - Keeping all my balls in the air

My job is very much project based. Sometimes I can be working on a single project for many weeks or months and at other times I can be juggling several projects at once. 1,325 more words


Accepting Avoidance

Avoidance is a road block on the path to completion.

One that we all face.

Welcome, to Monday!! It’s almost 4 o’clock and I’ve been… 273 more words

Bridge Build

5 Softwares That Will Increase Your Productivity Immediately!

Being able to efficiently manage a busy schedule is more important than ever before! The progress of technology has brought our society a lot of advances, but it has also created an expectation of being able to take on multiple burdens at once. 1,717 more words

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Musing Moment 0057: The 'N' Word

Days 14 and 15. The halfway mark. Tomorrow we remake our goal list, which I’m actually looking forward to for once.

But for today it’s about understanding how a to-do list is supposed to function. 531 more words

Musing Moments

Musing Moment 0054: Challenge Update

I’ve sort of, kind of been a slacker on my challenge. I hadn’t done anything with it since Friday, but I got caught back up today. 445 more words

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