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Musing Moment 0054: Challenge Update

I’ve sort of, kind of been a slacker on my challenge. I hadn’t done anything with it since Friday, but I got caught back up today. 445 more words

Musing Moments

Prioritizing is HARD (That Was A Lie)

Prioritize Your Tasks!

That advice is on just about every page that talks about goal-setting, life-managing, time managing, and getting things done. And I know a pretty sizable number of people who get to that step and freeze up, because wait – what if they pick the wrong thing? 1,031 more words


Sites for school

Hello everyone~
Since school has started for many of you, I would like to give you a list of sites that you are sure to find useful. 261 more words


Musing Moment 0051: Goals

Day three and four are about goals.

Day three was supposed to be yesterday, but I already had a full day planned out for me, so I didn’t sweat about not getting to this. 503 more words

Musing Moments

Getting Overwhelmed by Tasks? - What to Do

We often get overwhelmed by the idea of all the things we need to get done. We are paralysed by the notion that there is not enough time. 336 more words


I need some creativity in my life.

WHY?? Why does creating have to be so emotionally and physically draining when you have a family? There is just no time! There isn’t and it is something that I really NEED to do in order to make myself feel better. 59 more words

Creating An 'In-Box' & 'Out-Box' In Your Planner

In this post, I had talked about turning your planner into your mobile office.  Here, I’m going to dig a little deeper into how I treat two very special sections of my planner.  819 more words