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Task One: test shot and planning shoots

Task one is to produce 6 self portraiture pieces, each of which must be of a very different style. Three of them must be shot in a studio, and the other three much be shot on location. 161 more words


The Phantom of the Opera Movie Poster

This poster has a very dark foreground with a shadow covering most of the man’s face. This gives the viewer the idea that this man is mysterious, maybe even dangerous, as it seems as if he is hiding in the shadows. 195 more words

As Media

What does the term "globalisation" mean to me?

Globalisation What does it mean to me?
Honestly, I’m not quite sure. The thought has never crossed my mind at all in the past fifteen years up until now. 426 more words

Editing for a Purpose

Editing is known, in the film industry, as an art. They call it the ‘invisible art’. The purpose of editing in the film industry is very important; the editing itself is effective and it is what gives a film its story. 245 more words

Task 1

Key Conventions of Editing

Continuity: this is where a piece of film or footage is edited with a sequence of shots to make the progression of events go well together. 765 more words

Task 1

Developments in Editing

In this post I am going to discuss the developments of editing, and how editing itself has developed over the last 50 years. I will include different techniques that have shown the progression of editing over the decades such as: in-camera editing, following the action, the use of multiple points of view, shot variation, manipulation of diegetic time and space, the different and benefits of video and film, and the difference between analogue and digital. 1,005 more words

Task 1

High School

During my time at high school, I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience a vast plethora of physical activities. But the one which I have enjoyed the most, and has really shaped who I have become today. 440 more words

Task One