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As we start our journey this semester into learning about digital literacy and how it applies to the world around us there has already been a lot to reflect upon. 391 more words

Task One

destination 7: spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti

Cooking, it is one of the simplest joys in life, especially for the KANISNIKE team.

As humans, we all have to eat and most of us find happiness in cooking. 387 more words

destination 6: keeping up with kylie

 Scrolling through your social media platforms, if you can’t see Kylie or someone talking about Kylie who are you?

Kylie. NUMBER 8 most followed Instagrammer. 922 more words

Task One!

Idea Generation!


Firstly, for the start of the project, we had to decide what we would base our work off. This could vary from portraits to street photography to landscapes.

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destination 5: writing never felt so good...

In the past pens were just a mechanism to write your notes down in every day to day life – they were purely functional. They were boring and the only difference that could indicate certain meaning was the colour of the ink, but even this was limited.  688 more words

destination 4: how much does a (insta)gram weigh?

The break resulted in a bit of a split for the kanisnike team. With some of us travelling away from Canberra, and others even leaving the country. 602 more words

Task One project proposal

My Brain storming

Today we need to go on Nearpod.com to do a group  idea brain storming and answering and listen to some question. Then we took turns telling each other of what you thinking of doing, how you going to do it and also got feedback from my group-mates I’ve listens to what my Group mates said and i’m giving the feedback some thinking. 563 more words

FMP Final Project