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Task One: My Proposal for Unit 8 CONTEXT- Section 4

This article will be¬†fairly short, and colour coded. There’s a lot of information in here, as to what I’m planning to do to prepare for unit 8, and roughly when. 753 more words

Unit 8

Task One: My Proposal for Unit 8- Section 3

I’ve almost finished with task one, hopefully by the end of the day it will be completed, and I can get on with writing about my song choices for the concept and the information vs inspiration article. 314 more words

Unit 8

Task One: My Proposal for Unit 8- Section 2

I’m trying to work my way through this unit 8 coursework, and hopefully by the next two weeks, I’ll be more up to date with it all. 485 more words

Unit 8

Task One: My Proposal for Unit 8- Section 1

This is the first article I’ll be writing that covers criteria for unit 8. For unit 8, there will be three tasks, which each include lots of research and evaluation. 1,055 more words

Unit 8

T Q1 2 Digital Capital

According to the Global Economic Symposium, social capital can be defined as the mutual benefit derived through constructive interpersonal interaction. The same is true whether this interaction takes place in person or Online. 158 more words

Task One

T Q1 1 Digital Access and Divide

As found in Ribble (2011), there are Nine elements of a successful digital citizenship.

Digital Access

Digital Access is the principle element of being a digital citizen. 701 more words

Task One

T Q2 2 Risks of a Digital Footprint

Digital footprints are the remnants of the information and transactions that one leaves online that can be traced to a specific user or individual. Whenever such information (confidential or otherwise) is shared online, there are always potential risks that may present, namely; 212 more words

Task One