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IELTS WRITING - Task One (3)

A chart like this one is easy to understand, but tricky to write about. There are lots of things you could say. In fact there is far too much information. 266 more words


Writing - Task One - Academic

What do you know about Task One writing? What are the rules? What are the examiners expecting? What should you do?

Think about the task below. 181 more words



Listening is one of the four skills tested in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. It’s an exam that takes only 30 minutes to be completed. 1,031 more words

British Council

Task One: test shot and planning shoots

Task one is to produce 6 self portraiture pieces, each of which must be of a very different style. Three of them must be shot in a studio, and the other three much be shot on location. 161 more words


The Phantom of the Opera Movie Poster

This poster has a very dark foreground with a shadow covering most of the man’s face. This gives the viewer the idea that this man is mysterious, maybe even dangerous, as it seems as if he is hiding in the shadows. 195 more words

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