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Task 1 (part one)- history of printmaking techniques

Printmaking dates all the way to the 618 ad during the T’ang Dynasty in china where they developed the woodblock printing technique a technique that uses ink on blocks to then print images, text and patterns. 920 more words

Week Two | Task: Ancient Origins

McIntyre Wilson’s Plenty of Change is an important example of Maori design, as it shows a traditional icon being reconstructed with a contemporary twist to convey different stories of our post-colonial histories (41). 197 more words

Final Logo

I decided to use the Phoenix logo as it ticks all the boxes for what I wanted my logo to signify. The simplicity of the Phoenix and my chosen font connotes professionalism as it isn’t overly complicated and is too the point. 116 more words

Logo Ideas

I created 4 different logos to choose from, as this allowed me to develop a variety of ideas to see what I felt was most effective. 192 more words


The large majority of the current production logos I’ve looked into have their company name as the key focal point. The fonts are bold, simple and easy to read which makes it easy for the audience to identify the company and look further into their other productions etc. 105 more words

Logo Expectations

I would like my logo to depict a message of professionalism to my audience, showing that I am serious about my productions, whist also being interesting and unique to connote idea that my productions stand out as being one of a kind. 29 more words

Wk 5 - Task one

Consider this weeks lecture presentations and view one of the 3 videos on Stream/237 130/ Wk 5/ Visual Literacy and Analysis: Video Presentations.
Task: Critically consider ideas discussed from the above texts and lecture presentations. 49 more words