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Pinning Programs to the Taskbar

In this post, I will show you have to pin programs to the taskbar. This means that the program will appear on the left side of your taskbar, and can be accessed easily simply by clicking on it. 131 more words

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Definition: Taskbar

The taskbar is the bar at the bottom of the screen that has the Start Menu. On the left side, pictured below, is the Start Menu and any programs that have been pinned to the taskbar: 62 more words


Tame your computer - jump to it!

Anybody who ever attended one of my courses (or is an astute reader of my regular tips) knows I absolutely love keyboard shortcuts and I’m always on the lookout for new ones, especially if they are intuitive. 132 more words

Microsoft Windows

WMs like DEs!

When I first started with Linux it was GNOME 2.30 that I got introduced, it was the time when having 512mb of ram considered average or below average, people were now moving to 1gb or more, 2gb was like you had lot of money or a gamer. 506 more words


Show your friends that you really know some cool tricks. Make them believe that are real smart. Just prove them by this small trick.
Step1: Go to task bar and right click on it. 56 more words


Windows 10

Yes,the most used operating system in the world is all set to reach new heights with the launch of its latest version of Windows which is Windows 10.Although,we have already told you about the features it will have many months before in our previous blogs,this is again a quick review of its latest features. 105 more words


Technology Wars: Windows vs Mac

What’s the first thing you think of when I say Windows? If you thought about the ones that go into the structure of your house that’s not quite what I was talking about. 1,336 more words