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Processing MMR titer results

Beginning April 24, 2018, results for Measles/Mumps/Rubella titers performed at FIT Health Services will be re-assigned to front desk staff via the EHR task system. Front desk staff will process the titers according to the immunization compliance policy.

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Hello, I’m an Automation Junkie

This is post was originally posted at Slalom Technology.

I’m addicted to automation, across all aspects of life.

Is this a bad thing? I like to be… 1,390 more words


How To Plan Your Workweek In 4 Steps

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How often does this happen to you? You arrive at work Monday morning eager to write that report your boss has been waiting for but, by 10:15 a.m., you’ve already wasted 30 minutes tracking down a hard-to-find fact for a colleague and now your boss wants you to return a call for her. 331 more words

Money Matters

To-do lists galore

I am obsessed with to-do lists. It gives me a sort of high to get stuff done. But everyone has a cheat day where they don’t make a to-do list and freestyle through twenty-four hours sort of sitting back and letting time do its thing. 950 more words


Online assessment

Assessing students online might lighten the grading load and make assessments easier to administer, but could also add a layer of challenges.


Discrete point assessment: 473 more words

Stress is Good

As I finish my third year of college, I realized that I handle my stress differently than the people around me. As I sit in a chair 10 minutes before my exam, I hear different voices going over the same information over and over again. 976 more words


T.G.I.F.: "I'm done."

Onward to the night, which is to say insomnia, cell phone on the bedside table, the mind drilling away with yet more frantic interior list-making. Don’t forget! 192 more words