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237130_A2_Wk7_Task#1_Visual Analysis Meaning Making and ‘Truth Value’_04/05/2016

‘The Myth of Photographic Truth’ is the belief that photographs can be true and accurate visual documentation. Despite the illusion of what we believed is accurate, since the early days the invention of photography, it was never a true depiction and was altered in one way or another. 402 more words


How Companies Are Using Machine Learning to Get Faster and More Efficient

(Source: hbr.org)

Machine-reengineering is a way to automate business processes using machine learning. Although machine-reengineering is new, companies are already seeing striking results with it, particularly in boosts to speed and efficiency. 962 more words


Tasks 1 & 2

Here are two preliminary tasks that you can use to forward your research process or project. Please begin working on them before Monday May 9th; you can continue with them next week. 371 more words


Get organised - Tips for productivity

If you got a long list of things to do, running a couple of companies or have a lot to keep track of, below is one way that I learned and it helps me win my organisation. 321 more words

MIT built a 6-foot-tall robotic astronaut to go on NASA space missions

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

Space missions can be dangerous for humans. Risks include ship malfunctions and space radiation that can cause cancer. Plus, spending months up in space can be psychologically taxing for astronauts and costly for NASA. 255 more words


Questions to Topic Sentence

The above photo shows the moment that hitler declared war on the USA. This moment would send the US into Europe, an act that would literally change the map of continental Europe. 87 more words

Communications In Creative Cultures

237130_A2_Wk7_Task#1_Truth Value_2/5/2016


What the photograph includes, but also what it excludes. This comes down to the photographer or the person capturing the image, they chose what to frame, what they want the viewer to see. 850 more words