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In the End…

… of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Janet, Brad, and the professor just barely escape the spaceship-castle before it lifts off and disappears into the night sky. 1,057 more words

Newbie Sub To A Mind-blowing Dom

10 Minutes To A More Productive Day

My fellow Badasses!

Taking just 5-10 minutes in the morning can help make you more productive. As a freelancer I’m always looking for ways to be more productive and to make better use of my time. 409 more words


The art of getting sh*t done!

We’ve all got shit to do right! that’s a fact of life.

Each and every day we all have ‘stuff’ to do whether that’s our job, working out, looking after kids the list is endless. 369 more words


Confessions from someone who dislikes cleaning

I’ve never really enjoyed cleaning. I would much rather weed the garden and prune the plants. My Mum would get up early every morning and would be sweeping the floors whilst I was getting ready for school and I’m afraid I have never picked up the same enthusiasm for it. 508 more words


How I started as an Online Freelancer / Virtual Assistant

As someone who was forced to turn her back from her precious and very hectic office job as a Human Resource Officer in a big Corporation, to be a stay-home Mom and an Online Freelancer, I can say that, taking the first step was very hard. 1,853 more words

I want to be a tool

That’s right t-o-o-l. Not cool or fool. Just a tool. Or an instrument if the four letter word makes you giggle or offends.

I used to be an electrician and the one thing you learn quite early on is, good tools can make your job easier but the right tools for the job often make the whole simpler, easier and better all round. 367 more words


Task 1: Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is the practice of transforming data into graphs, charts, maps, networks, videos, and other graphical forms. The application of data visualisation techniques can cause previously hidden patterns and trends to be identified within the data, and the resulting graphic should present the data in a more understandable and digestible format. 532 more words

DDD20004 Contemporary Design Issues