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Stop Trying To Do Everything

Every so often I’ll sit down and write out a list of what’s important in my life. What do I enjoy doing, the goals am I trying to achieve, what I value and place importance on, what I need to do to get where I want to be in 10 years time. 492 more words


Week Nine - Role of Library and Information Technician ( LIT) @ Durham college/ UOIT libraries


Describe the workplace setting and role of the LIT at your placement. How is it similar to the description discussed in class ? 560 more words

Field Experience 1 - LTFE1301

Three At The Office (2015)

1. Tasks.
2. Meetings.
3. Less holiday parties.
Sad to sack-
Cutting back.


I'm thankful for...

On the fourth Thursday of November, American celebrate Thanksgiving.

What do you know about this tradition?

We don’t celebrate it in our country, but it’s a good opportunity to think about the things and people we have with us and give thanks for all that. 36 more words


I give you my pain

Your blog subject gave me cause for at least one raised eyebrow today MIM, I am to give you my pain and enclose a picture as requested. 348 more words


4 Lessons Learned from my Mental Vacation

It is so good to be back typing posts for this blog. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel and classes. Lately I feel like I have been in a classroom setting more than I have been on my office and I don’t remember signing up to go back to school. 440 more words



My morning email from you MIM began with this, “You are getting stronger” leaving the thought firmly in my mind, and a blog task to do… 311 more words