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It's Time to Make Time

Our lives are all so busy. We have work, school, chores, errands, among other responsibilities. I recently have been catching myself thinking, “I don’t have time” frequently. 647 more words

Illustrator workshop task

Two in sketches

  • Generate shapes to work from on paper.
  • Reproduce on Illustrator.
  • Combine demo techniques.
  • refer to notes.
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Task: Mayra's "Core and Shell" theory

The relation between the core and shell is that of a game’s core/base gameplay (what the game is like, or what a character does within the game) and everything else that surrounds it — the presentation of the game, outer appearance/aesthetics, and the signs and symbols and meanings associated with it. 201 more words


Task: Propp's Functions in Fairytales

I can identify several of Propp’s functions in the game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A good chunk of the cast can fall under the his Dramatis Personae categories. 287 more words


Task: Effective/Ineffective Creative Communication

In Life is Strange, the affordance of choice is signified by a wheel of 2 to 4 dialogue options or actions for you to pick. 354 more words


Task - Image Analysis: Colors

  • Rectangle-Tetradic color composition where the orange+yellow and purple are used as accents/provide lighting while the blue serves as a shadow.
  • Contrast between the cool of the shadows and the sharpness of the light in the foreground reflecting on one of the subject’s pants and the ground beneath him, as well as the light coming from the moon behind them.
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Task: Roland Barthes' "The World of Wrestling"

Roland Barthes talks about wrestling in the context of theater and compares it to the coliseum performances of Ancient Greece. To him, wrestling is a performance art rather than a sport like judo or boxing — the emphasis is put not on who is going to be the winner but on the act of wrestling itself. 251 more words