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Ok, let me explain this it’s to add to last week’s tasks (you can print the table picture in the next post so you can check what you did and how you are improving). 398 more words

The Challenge

Getting Past the Fear of Computers

Living in the Past What was it like to live through the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy’s Assassination and other historic events. It might be of interest to learn how things were done in the past as a curiosity. 922 more words


5 Successful Ways To End Procrastination

Ahhh… good old procrastination! To about 20% of the population this is a near and dear friend of theirs and one that they can’t seem to get away from. 1,136 more words

Process Flow

I’ve created a process for Foreman. This shows a typical flow of a case through all the different users. Click to enlarge.


4 Tips: How to Get More Things Done in 1 day

Use these tips to get more free time to do the things you love in a work day

Hire Me! Contact me to get more things done.   593 more words

The Ghost of Unfinished Business

Many legends exist where the undead come back to haunt the living because they’ve left behind some “unfinished business” from their life before.

The idea that we must “finish business” is obviously a pretty powerful force if we fear our mortal souls may not rest until we do it. 233 more words

Leah Johnston

Commentary: Smart Nation 2.0? Three ideas to keep Singapore smart

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: The provocative power of digital advances lies in the novel ways we can use them to improve lives. The newly announced… 1,246 more words

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