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Why Employment Websites Suck

If you’ve ever been unemployed for any length of time, you’ll know searching online is the best way to find a new job. And you’ll also know that most employment websites suck. 512 more words


Less Than Perfect Rest

Have you ever wished for a more perfect restful night?

There are times when we want the best night of sleep, and as experience has taught me, that is when we often have the less than perfect rest. 74 more words

Algorithms For Life

Task 2 Week 8

One of my tasks for class is to introduce myself to 3 members of the culture I’m staying in. In France it isn’t typical to just talk to people on the street, so most of the time I’m introducing myself to people at school or in the shops. 270 more words

Dead rosebushes keep you busy

They had to go.

They were all dead and no amount of water would bring them back to life.

As I started pulling the first one apart, breaking off the dead limbs of the once beautiful rosebush, the tears came. 655 more words

April planners, write your name!

Class tasks need names for April.

Please ask for the marker to write your name next to what you want to do in April.

Remember you can write your name twice. 8 more words


The List

Good evening, Kathy. It’s Thursday.

A list of things within my head,
today, it gets me out of bed.
The pleasure that I take in checking, 80 more words