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Cafe Love: Sari Organik, Ubud

Part of the joy of this little thatched-roof cafe, set overlooking a rice field in Ubud, is the journey there. You turn off the main road (Jalan Raya) up an unpaved driveway, wander into a narrow laneway – sidestepping motorbikes and potholes – and down a path lined with palm trees and set alongside some of the prettiest rice paddies you ever did see. 57 more words


Cafe Love: Neptune, Kiama

Kiama is a a little coastal township 120 kilometers south of Sydney. It’s easy to bypass it on the way down to the many splendid getaways that lay further down the map, but with the Kiama Coast Walk on the agenda over the summer break, it was time to discover what delights it had to offer…and I was pleasantly surprised, especially when I happened upon… 232 more words


Draw your future

Draw your future …

Industrial food freed us from the chains of the past cooking tasks. Unfortunately, the price of this emancipation and carefree looks like a pact with the devil we would pay with our health. 664 more words


huxley on champagne

‘champagne has the taste of an apple peeled with a steel knife’. — aldous huxley
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Harissa Style Chilli Paste

As the temperature outside drops and you feel the need to add a little extra warmth to your cooking….”Harissa Paste” is perfect. So easy to make and great to add to your stews, chillies, soups or even served as a condiment. 317 more words


Night Noodle Markets, Sydney

Good Food Month has spread like a wildfire of flavour across the city, with its peak flame burning in Hyde Park, where the Night Noodle Markets are drawing a crowd each evening from 5pm (4pm on weekends). 410 more words


I searched for Australia’s favourite yeast extract on the Cadbury website and this was the response:

You are searching for: Vegemite

There are no pages that contain the search term “

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