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Never Stop The Chase

Never stop the chase. Looking for something better. Believing that tomorrow could be, and will be different. Don’t stop believing that people are good, and kind. 208 more words


Classic Carrot Cake with Caramel Frosting

My challenge was what birthday cake do you make for a health conscious, gluten free, dairy free, yoga bunny of a daughter for her 17th birthday. 330 more words


Education, Self-Perception and Cultural Hierarchy. Or: Why I Get Defensive About Once Upon A Time.

Anyone reading my blog has probably been educated for long enough to be aware that we ought to scoff at the canon. I don’t think anyone I know would expound on the exceptionalism of Shakespeare or Milton or Joyce. 1,387 more words


Pilgrims Vegetarian Cafe, Cronulla

On a sunny Saturday morning, prior to jumping the ferry to Bundeena, my friend Jules and I decided to first fuel up at Pigrims Vegetarian Cafe… 318 more words


Batch-cooking paleo lunches

Today I decided it was time to re stock the freezer with healthy meals ready to take to work. So I raided the veg section of the supermarket, with no particular recipes in mind, but knew something would come to me once I started chopping and slicing. 404 more words


Lady Grey and Marmalade Spelt Tea Bread

Tea Bread or Tea Loaf is a traditional English cake using dried fruits, such as sultanas and raisins, that have been soaked in cold tea to plump them up before being mixed into the batter. 393 more words