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Mos Burger’s sauce-soaked Wet Burger sure is wet, but is it worth your burger bucks? 【Taste test】

A few days ago, we talked about fast food chain Mos Burger’s plan to unleash something called the Wet Burger, or Nure Burger… 622 more words


Drink Reaction: NOS High Performance Energy Drink

Rad Blog!

Two drinks today, but one wasn’t by me! I have officially made my Queen and author for the blog so she can write stuff if she wants to, but I don’t really know if she will do anything other than drink reaction things. 944 more words

Chas Rad

Taste Test: Root Beer or Birch Beer

We’re asking people if they can tell the difference between two sodas many folks in our area have tried: birch beer and root beer.

The two sodas have a similar flavor and we wanted to know if people in central Pennsylvania could tell the difference. 59 more words

Taste Tests

Hello Panda.

I want to share with you, the very first ASMR video I ever made.  This was before I even knew about the ASMR Community.  I just knew I liked doing unwrapping and taste tests in peaceful quietness.   7 more words


I try these Reese's Snacksters

There are two kind of people in this world, one that loves Reese’s Pieces and the ones that hate it. I love them. But I don’t always like the other products they make based on this reciepe. 121 more words

Side by Side Comparison & Taste Test of Vegan Protein Powders

The taste taste was a success.  The kids consumed vegan protein at breakfast.  Raw Protein was not to their liking, they loved the Shakeology, and Plant Fusion was ok.   150 more words

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

Oh man, this bar… dark chocolate was amazing, but the spice burnt my taste buds! Watch the youtube video below.

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