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Taste Test: Vanilla Tootsie Rolls

Halloween is just around the corner and that means shelves are starting to fill up with candy.

One candy you’re sure to find in your bag is a Tootsie Roll, but the creators are putting a limited edition spin on the classic candy. 52 more words

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Bacardi Tangerine Taste Test

For the latest Sneakhype Taste Test, we decided to give Bacardi Tangerine a try.  Their latest rum features rich tangerine flavors to create a tangy and fresh taste.   84 more words

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Vegan Mac N Cheese Taste Test!

Watch my latest taste test: Vegan Mac N Cheese!!!



Drink Reaction: Monster Energy Drink

Hey Rad Blog.

Sorry for this drink reaction. It is probably gonna be boring. I mean, this is Monster. This is probably what most people think of when someone says “energy drink.” 886 more words

Chas Rad

Chocolate Tea

Rico Coco’s 

Tea, as you are aware I love this stuff and combining it with chocolate… it is practically heaven!

When I saw this at the Chocolate Festival this year, I was instantly intrigued and mind-blown. 76 more words


Stuck in a rut?

We’re all in danger of getting stuck in a bit of a ‘rut’ – whether that be through eating the same sandwich from Pret day-in-day-out, wishing our lives away in search of our next holiday, or sipping the same old Sauvignon Blanc every Friday night. 281 more words

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Now And Then Drink Reaction: Rockstar Energy Drink

Rad Blog!

Here’s a now and then post.

Back in the day, Young’un Chas bought a Rockstar drink because it looked really cool. He then tried it and was taken aback! 929 more words

Chas Rad