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What on earth is 'umami'?

It is a great joy to be able to eat and call it research. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a huge initial draw to food studies for me. 1,304 more words


Taste Test: Gluten-Free Pretzel Crisps

This week we are trying new Salted Caramel Pretzel Crisps Minis.

The Pretzel Crisps are bite sized and gluten free. Creators claim the baked bites are sweet, salty, and guilt free. 38 more words

Taste Tests

(Enter, Pursued by a Binary)

There are any number of brilliant sites and forums you can visit on the internet dedicated to gender exploration. From Reddit to Susan’s Place to YouTube to Tumblr (if you’re brave) you’re certainly not lacking places to look at to answer all your gender-related questions. 589 more words

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Drink Reaction: 1893 By Pepsi- Ginger Cola

Rad Blog!

It is Friday and what’s a better way to kick off the weekend with this Drink Reaction? Okay, I can think of a lot of better ways, but hey! 975 more words

Chas Rad

Taste Test: Spam Snacks

In this week’s Taste Test: Spam!

It’s not the normal canned Spam you might be used to, but rather it’s dried Spam bites.

Creators claim is a great snack on the go. 54 more words

Taste Tests

Taste the beginning of the end for Japanese Ritz: Wasabi & Cheddar / Tarako & Cream Cheese

Only a few months remain until the Ritz franchise in Japan changes hands and production is shifted overseas. Perhaps this is why we’re being treated to some distinctly Japanese flavors. 652 more words


Drink Reaction: 1893 By Pepsi

Good day to you, Rad Blog!

So, Pepsi has released this drink called 1893, which is the year they probably released Pepsi for the first time. 1,060 more words

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