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The Cracker Off!! Which would you choose?

There are so many new and kind of crazy food products being introduced to the everyday shopper, we thought that we would give these new cracker flavors a try!
Amy & Darin


Little Treats

A friend brought me back some treats on a recent trip to Japan. Tasting the unusual flavors in a familiar treat had me hankering to return to Japan soon. 115 more words


Per Diem (April 23)

An Impatience with Biblical Exegesis– Wesley Hill hits upon an increasing trend of impatience with going to the Bible as our authority and first resort, as opposed to talking about personal experiences. 238 more words

Per Diem

Dark Matters

I’m tired of hearing “it’s a matter of taste.”

Is it? Or is bad taste one of those things — like porn, pain and excess — where you know it when you see it, when you feel it? 844 more words

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Taste Test: Spring 2015

My spies inform me that a new season of anime has begun, and I’ve been asked if I’m watching anything from it. Initially I wasn’t planning to: I do watch anime from time to time, but I certainly don’t try to keep up with current events in the field. 1,370 more words


.Taste Test Tuesday Ya'll.

Two days in a row for posting….WHAT?!?!?! Oh yeah!!!
Listen up everyone, I am going to try something fun and new for this blog, yes I know, its not that old, but its something new for me too! 1,020 more words

Taste Test: Cheddar Bacon Goldfish Puffs

Pepperidge Farm has put a twist on its famous goldfish crackers.

Goldfish Puffs come in a variety of flavors. We asked people on their lunch break in Kingston to try the Cheddar Bacon variety in this week’s Taste Test. 14 more words

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