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Taste Indigenous American Food at This Pop-Up

Chefs M.Karlos Baca and Brian Yazzie are teaming up to open an indigenous American food po-up in Portland.http://bit.ly/2feb36H

Fresh finds: Durian fruit

As mentioned in my previous post, the past week was my first time to eat Durian. I don’t know why it took me this long to taste this fruit. 312 more words


there's no accounting for taste

years ago, i realized that even my closest friends who i respect the most may hate the stuff i love, and vice versa. it was mind-blowing when i learned this little nugget. 428 more words

The Surprising Truth About Why Alcohol Websites Make You Enter Your Age


If you’ve ever visited a beer, wine or liquor website, you’ve been faced with an age verification page. It adds an annoying three additional steps ― month, date, year ― before you can get to the information you want to reach. 566 more words

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Students Rejoice After Brigham Young University Begins Selling Caffeinated Soda

“BYU is about to get lit!”

PROVO, Utah ― For the first time in over 60 years, Brigham Young University will sell caffeinated soft drinks on campus. 354 more words

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Bao buns με σιγομαγειρεμένο χοιρινό και σάλτσα barbecue

Το street food συνεχίζει να είναι το επίκεντρο των απανταχού foodies. Νέα προσθήκη στην πόλη μας αποτελούν τα μαγαζιά που φτιάχνουν bao buns. Τα bao buns είναι ψωμάκια ασιατικής προέλευσης που μαγειρεύονται στον ατμό και γεμίζονται με κρέας και λαχανικά. 23 more words


The Big E 2017 - September 21st

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – It’s Massachusetts Day at The Big E! We found out what the Bay State has to offer from Building Manager Katharine Robb, Springfield Museums President Kay Simpson, Executive Director of the New England Apple Association Bar Weeks, Owner and Designer of Andrew Gordon Jewelry James Sutter, and Owner and Soapmaker of Amy’s All Natural Soaps Amy Mitchell. 9 more words

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