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Scavenger Hunts

I want to feel your arms encircling me
Want to taste your mouth as it’s devouring me
Encouraging mine to take more greedily
Matching each subtle push and pull of your body… 56 more words




I woke up with that dry metallic taste in the back of my mouth. This was not an ideal state of affairs. I tried to drown it with tea and that partially worked. 165 more words

Random Thoughts

High End 2017: What were Audiophiles listening for?

He sat there, eyes closed, with an almost beatific expression upon his face as music flooded the demonstration room.

He sat there, brows furrowed, lips curled into a barely-contained sneer as music flooded the demonstration room. 589 more words


Taste test: canned coffee (mocha)

(Source: www.timeout.com)

1: Uni-President Mon Passion Café Mocha ($1.95/235ml)

The can screams  ‘barista-certified 100% premium Arabica beans’, so our expectations were raised. Thankfully, the French-style coffee is well balanced, with a strong roasted flavour that will perk you up. 142 more words


Sweet Taste Keitt Mangoes from Myanmar

Our keitt Mangoes are Fresh and sweet from Myanmar in large area.
Large oval shape, skin stays green even when ripe and long shelf life. 31 more words