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Even your favorite food won’t taste as good on an airplane.

The issue is that the air pressure at that altitude deadens our taste buds – kind of like having a cold. Also, our perception of salty and sweet drops 30% at high altitudes – so food tastes blander. 33 more words

Connie Sellecca

Kuzu İncikli Karabuğday Pilavı

Uzun zamandır yemek tarifi yazmıyordum. Geçenlerde Uğur Volkan Uysal’ın yaptığı kuzu incikli karabuğday pilavını izleyince hemen denemek istedim. Kendime göre ufak değişiklikler yaptım tarifte.  140 more words

February 10, 2016: "As Exciting as It Was"

As exciting as it was
I always knew I would return.

I had tasted the world
and I was truly impressed
with home.

Erasure A Day

What music do you listen to ?

Psychological studies have previously attempted to discover what a person’s musical taste reveals about their personality and intellect.

In 2003, psychologists Jason Rentfrow and Sam Gosling… 299 more words


Spontaneous Sea Bream

This dish is another example of a quick but lip-smacking idea for an afterwork dinner. It’s easy to pepare. Each of the ingredients takes the same amount of time to cook, so there’s no worry that something will get cold whilst preparing the others. 146 more words