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Old Dominion Brewing: Root Beer

Nose: Vanilla; wintergreen. Pretty standard root beer nose with an emphasis on creamy vanilla and mint.

Taste: Honey; herbal; malt; mint; creamy vanilla. This is a sophisticated flavor profile, even for a root beer. 882 more words

Five Star Soda

What We Learned from Heneral Luna

So I finally got to watch the much-talked about film, Heneral Luna, and I’ve been out of commission when it came to writing for… 298 more words

Published Work

Day 6 - My 5 Senses Right Now

At Work 10 AM:

  • I see my cluttered desk with my laptop and large monitor and wires all around. My clutter of notepads and papers stacked messily off to the right.
  • 342 more words
31 Day Challenge

Asian adventure

I’ve just come home from an incredible meal with friends. I know that Vietnamese food is probably not the standard go-to when eating out in France, but Marseille is really quite cosmopolitan and, oh my, the food was delicious.


Bucket List

With so much to see and do in the world, we thought we would put together a bucket list of all the things we want to achieve before we are invaded by aliens and the teleporter has been invented. 503 more words


More Than One

I wish I was on a rugged hill top breathing in the fresh crisp wind,
Looking miles and miles in all directions at all there was to see. 273 more words


If I had to eat your words

I’d starve

Because they’re so empty and hollow
Rough, harsh, hard to swallow
I chew on them slowly… 88 more words