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Day 9 of 28....Seasonal Favorites...Savory Grilled Chicken

  • SAVORY GRILLED CHICKEN…WE LOVE THIS RECIPE but it is not a grill kinda day so I baked covered at 350′ for 45 mins…make steamed potatoes with butter (you can used our Oils also), Garlic Garlic, Onion Onion, fresh thyme from my garden…then sprinkled the Malt Vinegar French Fry Seasoning on them…YUM! 129 more words
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    Day 8 of 28...Seasonal Favorites...Asian Pork Roast 

    Asian Pork Roast Recipe

    This freezer meal recipe for Asian Pork Roast is sure to be a family favorite for those busy weeknights.?.and topped the green beans with a couple of grinder twist of the pink peppercorn blend…so tasty!! 131 more words

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    Day 6 of 28...Seasonal Favorites...Greek Herb Chicken and Sauce Recipe

    Greek Herb Chicken and Sauce Recipe…I baked this at 350′ for about 45 mins and I had thighs with bones and skin so used them…makes ALOT of sauce so I saved it for and will add a little milk for salad dressing…

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    Day 5 of 28....Seasonal Favorites...Creamy Turkey Linguine Recipe

    Creamy Turkey Linguine Recipe

    Added 2 T of Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and 1/4 t Pink Peppercorn Blend….delicious and VERY easy! Perfect for busy weeknights – this creamy pasta dish is ready in 20 minutes.

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    Day 4 of 28....Seasonal Favorites...Simple Beef Stroganoff Recipe

    We used pork stew meat instead,,,everything else is the same

    Simple Beef Stroganoff Recipe


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    Day 3 of 28...Seasonal Favorites...Smoky BBQ Sliders Recipe

    Smoky BBQ Sliders Recipe…it is not quite grilling season so I made sloppy joes And added shredded cheese right before I served them…added French fries with our new malted vinegar seasoning…had them on leftover homemade rolls…SO DELICIOUS!! 165 more words

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