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Pancit Canton - Tasty Thursdays

Pancit Canton is a well-known Filipino food strongly influenced by Chinese cooking. It’s a noodle dish made from rice flour or wheat flavoured with meat, vegetables, soy sauce, and some spices. 201 more words


Tasty Thursday - Sweet Potato and Bacon Turkey Burgers

Okay so… today’s post MAY NOT be the healthiest thing you have ever eaten, but it could definitely be way worse! We are smack dab in my favorite season (grilling season!), and sometimes you just want a burger! 18 more words


A new initiative: Tasty Thursday

If you have a fancy job you might be able to have lunch at a fancy restaurant every day, but if you are a mere mortal like the rest of us, it would be a nice change to have something more delicious and nutritious than a regular ol’ cheese (cracker) sandwich for lunch once in a while. 573 more words

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Tasty Thursday - Stuffed Peppers

Continuing on down following my 21 Day Fix eating plan, today we have stuffed peppers! I am a HUGE fan of stuffed peppers, always have been. 108 more words


Tasty Thursday - Grilled Fish Tostada

So, nutritionally, things have been a little challenging lately. Yes, it happens, and yes, I will get it back on track…

But I thought it was a good idea to get back to my 21 Day Fix roots and pull up some healthy recipes to balance out everything else (admittedly, holiday weekends are always challenging for me anyways). 23 more words


Grilled Grass Fed Beef (Steak is Good Food)

I tried some locally sourced grass fed beef recently. I grilled up two cuts of meat for my father and I to share along with a heaping helping of veggies. Here is the result:

Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday #1: the Food Addition to my Autumnal Wardrobe...

Here in Melbourne, we’re heading into what appears to be a very harsh winter. Well, “harsh” for Australians anyway. So not that “harsh” compared to the rest of the world. 583 more words

Tasty Thursday