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A Sugary Treat....

Yesterday I went to the launch of Tate and Lyle Sugar’s new Fairtrade Beverage Syrups range. I was able to sample the syrups in Lattes and also sodas. 51 more words


10th February 1949. One or Two Lumps of Aspartame?

Today in 1949 a Tate & Lyle Board Meeting decided to a mount a vigorous campaign against Prime Minister Clement Attlee’s Nationalization plans for the sugar industry. 551 more words


Food Industry

Tom Sanders works as an Applications Manager for Tate & Lyle Sugar. By his own admission, Tom’s initial move into food manufacture was not a long-held ambition – he was contacted by a recruiter when he shared his CV online. 70 more words


Yorkshire Puddings, Kent Strawberries, London Syrup, Scottish Ice Cream...

Who knew that my death cell pudding, favourite all time dessert follows the route the Tour De France just took? I suppose the Kent part is pushing it a bit and it didn’t go to Scotland this time…but they probably travelled through Kent to get to the next stage, and there is a strong alliance between Scotland and France – okay that is tenuous at best… 518 more words


Lyle Drinking Fountain

Location: Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland

In the early part of the 19th century, the Lyle family was occupied in the commerce of coopering (barrel making) and shipping; they owned fishing smacks (English sailing vessels used to bring fish to market.) Abram Lyle inherited the business from his father, and with the assistance of several partners he bought a sugar refinery in Greenock in 1865. 604 more words

Cast Iron

From farmers gate to consumers plate, food innovation's impact on global health issues

There is no getting around it, we are all fat (in general, not you specifically). I am on the heavier side. It is an undeniable truth, that there is an obesity epidemic, and it is a gold mine for companies looking to take advantage.Diet Fads, Books, Nutritionals, Drugs, we are shelling out billions on trying to loose weight. 470 more words