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vegetable chow mein

Britain leads the rest of the world in consumption of ready meals. Our trust in the manufacturers of processed foods and drinks would be touching if it was not so harmfully misplaced. 1,246 more words


Two Birds, One...

Tomorrow I have an appointment about a job with the originators of ‘Mr Cube‘…

*Fortunately, Clicky, I’ve shambled sugar cubes, before ;) * 148 more words

The last of the Sugar Mile

‘Tate and Lyle’s refinery stands out like a great metal weed at the river’s edge, and beside it Keiller’s Marmalade and Trebor Sharpe’s sweet manufacturer and all the other jam-makers and biscuit bakeries stretch along the wharves, turning the slub of marshy substrate at Silvertown into a sugar mile.” 313 more words


The Political Economy of Sugar in the UK

The vast majority of sugar consumed in the UK is via processed foods and drinks. Information about which manufacturers are the biggest buyers of sugar is closely guarded, but insiders have reported that “ 1,693 more words