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Pak choi? no! Tatsoi.

Just when I thought the only name for it was pak choi, I was surprised to find out that a particular variety of pak choi is known as tatsoi. 255 more words


Winter is Coming: The End of the CSA

Where did the last month go? Oh right

“Of course, some of us are happy with the outcome of the presidential election, while others are surviving on cupcakes and bourbon.”

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[Urban Farming] How To Grow Tatsoi

Source: UrbanFarmer
Curtis Stone
November 4, 2016


Whole 30: Day 24

So, that pork sugo scrambled egg mixture was too yummy, and I had to make it again today. This time, I paired it with 2 breakfast sausage patties from The Piggery and some of the best grapes in town. 145 more words

Whole 30: Day 5

Well, I know the hard part hasn’t even begun yet, but I gotta say I’m really enjoying this diet so far. It’s not really all that different than how I normally eat, just missing a few things and I always cheat a little on weekends and whatnot, so I’m sure that’ll eventually be a challenge. 508 more words

Homemade Pizza & Farmer's Market Salad

This is the second attempt of homemade pizza dough — a 00 flour + all purpose flour mix. My first post described that a 00 flour was just too stiff and hard to bite through. 125 more words