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Bound by Vengeance (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles #5) by Cora Reilly

2.5 No connection Stars

So it looks like I may be the odd one out, but I was disappointed.

If I remember correctly, I didn’t really love the last book either, maybe the series is just over for me. 210 more words


Tonic by Staci Hart

So this is my first Staci Hart book, and it was pretty good. I love the writing. Joel and Annika are two different people, but yet when they come together it’s perfect. 156 more words


Day 1 Year 34

Today was a good day as Ice Cube would say. Its the 1st day of my 34th year. I am so grateful for this journey and all those that I have been forunate to share it with. 90 more words


My Tattoo 👽

I got tatted with my best friend a few months ago and I figured I’d share it with y’all. I originally wanted something bigger done last year but I then figured out my career (acting) and yeah lmao wouldn’t wanna have to cover it up for every audition/performance/etc. 259 more words


Judge Me.. I Have Tattoos

So I guess it is time to confess to my family that I have three tattoos. Most know don’t get me wrong. They are not the easiest to hide, but what they do not know is the actual meaning behind them. 531 more words

About Me

Day 7-Tattoos

What tattoos do you have, and do they have meaning to you?

I currently have one tattoo. It is almost a year old at this point. 418 more words


My Tattoos and how far does my Naruto Obsession go?

So, if you read my ‘About me’ section, you’ll understand that I am somewhat tattooed up. However, only one of my tattoos has nothing to do with Naruto… for anyone who is wondering, its a small mandala on my left forearm. 503 more words