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Tuesday Tatting Tales

My quest to learn how to tat lace continues. I have gone from being beyond frustrated again to well maybe I’ll try again, then lather, rinse, repeat. 540 more words


Patterns of the past - quilt keys and such

While cleaning the apartment to show it for the sale, I came across a bunch of old patterns. Quilt and cross stitch.

The boat I used to paper piece a book cover, in a book swap, long ago. 184 more words


Joining the #mayisformakers bandwagon

I have stumbled upon this #mayisformakers by LR Stitched from one of my favourite quilting blog. Even though we are halfway through May, I shall just jump in. 123 more words

Tatting shuttle and pendant "Fish" from bone.

Shuttle for frivolite in the form of toothy fish. Carved from bone.
The dye from natural materials of vegetable origin.
A tatting shuttle can be used for its intended purpose (for a making lace, frivolite) and as a pendant. 57 more words


Tatting Lace

I’ve recently read a few blogs about Tatting Lace. I discovered tatting about a year ago and immediately fell in love with the lovely loops that create the very distinct and unique style of this lace. 458 more words


Hand Crafts

John and I spent part of this past Saturday in Belmont, SC. The Belmont Historical Society hosts an event every year to celebrate yesterday’s days. 375 more words

Hook Away

Many tatting shuttles have hooks and posts. Some people ‘neuter’ their shuttles by cutting off the post. The post was originally intended to hold the bobbin while winding the thread, but on the cheap plastic shuttles it is too large, and so quite useless. 199 more words