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What would have been the March 7, 2017 post: A life lived well

March 7th is my dear grandmother’s birthday… but I do not think she remembers it. She has been suffering from dementia for a few years now, and she has forgotten much about herself. 479 more words


What would have been the March 5, 2017 post: On the bright side

On March 5th, I had originally planned to go visit my grandmother, to hold early celebration for her birthday on the following Tuesday with a few relatives. 616 more words


Will not stop trying

What will I not stop trying? This!

I began thinking of trying this a few months ago. I had a very good image of how I wanted it to turn out, but to my knowledge, I have never seen it done before, so I had to plan it carefully. 688 more words


What would have been the March 2, 2017 post: Back to square one

Changes are difficult to observe when they are subtle and gradual. They are especially difficult if you are in any way affected by them while making observation. 566 more words


In Progress

It turns out that if you actually work on your projects, they get done (I know I say that a lot, but it’s embarrassing how often I forget it). 101 more words


Absolute versus relative return

In the past couple of weeks, I have sat in front of the television almost every night to watch and cheer for my national team competing in the World Baseball Classic. 536 more words



I can’t think of a better word to describe my current crafting status. After a year of knitting lots of toys from Little Cotton Rabbits patterns, I’ve free fallen (is that a phrase?) into a few months of not being sure what to make next. 680 more words