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Sending bear hugs!

“My heart is with you!”

This is Kumamon, the mascot of the region that was most hard-hit by the earthquake a week ago. The copyrights-holders have temporarily lifted restrictions for use to allow anyone to draw him in their get-well messages to the affected people and region. 410 more words


Tatting/Frivolite - New Diet program

 I am just addicted to tatting/frivolite. Last  week I was in a mood for something RED. I think it went well.

I am trying to keep hands busy in front of TV- otherwise I’ll eat something:) 18 more words


WIP Wednesday (and a new craft!)

Because I had people over for the weekend, there hasn’t been a ton of progress made in my crafting. Thursday and Friday were spent cleaning, Saturday was spent watching space movies, and Sunday was a bit lazy (with lots of cooking competition shows being watching while laying on the couch.) 503 more words

Tat-tle tales...

It’s hour 10, now, and I thought I’d share a story…

I was about 4 maybe 5 years old, sitting beside my Great Grandpa on his couch. 537 more words

Tat for time...

Swelling is down, I can breathe! Yippee! Add to that my face has gone from black and blue  to a pukey shade of green yellow (a sign of healing). 195 more words

Tedious tattings...

This is hour 5 on my tatting project… the rosebuds aren’t complicated, just tedious as all get out!

Saturday while my car was in the shop, I decided to take a walk uptown to the library. 104 more words

Sending flower power!

Just when we all started to feel relieved that the aftershocks seemed to be easing off, we were hit with another earthquake bigger than the first one in the middle of last night. 375 more words