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Tatting Shuttle Review

It’s review time!!! I found these fabulous-looking shuttles…okay, they were found by someone in the tatting shuttle group on Facebook, not me, per-se, but that doesn’t make them less fabulous, and I’ve been collecting them since I saw the first one. 243 more words


Tatting Infinity Rings

I’m not sure this thing is “officially” called Infinity Rings in tatting, but I liked the name suggested and it looks exactly like this. There are lot’s of ways to tat elements, so I’m going to review some of them. 671 more words


Tatted Snowflake

After lots of trial and error my first tatted snowflake pattern is completed. You can download it here. Pattern is diagram only.

Techniques needed: 252 more words


Tatting miscommunications

I’ve tried to create diagram of my tatting pattern and asked several tatters to test-tat the pattern. Thank you all, this was great experience, it was really interesting and useful! 749 more words


Tatted Ammonites - TAP exhibition

This week was very exciting for me. It was the first time I have had my crafting efforts recognised as art. I was invited to submit a piece to the TAP (Teacher as Practitioner/Teacher Artmaker Project) and fringe exhibition… 419 more words

Eye Candy

Tat Your Own Adventure

Tat Your Own Adventure is a guided free-form tatting game to help unleash your creative side!

Have you ever wanted to create your own tatting patterns, but aren’t sure where to start? 96 more words


I think I just taught myself tatting!

I decided to do a little weaving of the yarns I spun and felted to hold this focal point bead and I think I have figured out how tatting works. 36 more words

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