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No Home Runs Here

Well, I just gave the Celtic tatting two more tries, and gave the Japanese hook tatting two tries as well, and I am 0 for 2 on both. 563 more words


Lost, Stolen or Strayed, Half a Butterfly

I had only been tatting for a few months when I came across the Antique Pattern Library. They scan in needle and handwork books and make them available to download for free. 256 more words


A Brief Interlude of Tatting

Every year at our library, the local tatting group gets together and brings out the best of their best for the tatting display (probably to recruit new members). 686 more words


So, as mentioned before, I’ve been looking for new, more complex patterns to try tatting. Part of the problem I’ve had so far is that I really do better if I not only have a diagrammed chart, but also the written out instructions, so I can bounce back and forth when I’m not sure I understand something. 606 more words


The Explosion

I have a herd of shuttles now. Or is that a flock? A pack? A pod? I’m not sure of the proper terminology for a ton of tatting shuttles. 522 more words