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Bags of joy (or craft as therapy)

It’s been a weird month or so. My partner has been travelling a lot and for a boring health reasons (herniated disc) I’ve been stuck at home. 869 more words


My return to tatting

I was recently given a tatting book, called ‘New Tatting’ by Tomoko Morimoto, which has reignited my passion for lace work. I started with tatting a few years ago but there were very few books on the subject so I kind of lost interest after learning the basic stitches and making a couple of designs. 345 more words


Latest projects

I have neglected my poor blog. I leave in a few days for a 12 week trip and have been very busy making preparations. I am so excited! 283 more words


Frivolité-pitsin pauloissa, starting to get the hang of shuttle tatting

Sukkulapitsiharjoitukset jatkuvat ja vahvistavat käsitystäni siitä että verrattuna neulan kanssa tehtyyn pitsiin, tämä alkuperäinen tapa on se “oikea”. Onnistuin saamaan aikaiseksi melkein yhtä pientä ja siistiä jälkeä kuin isoäitini mallikappaleessa 70-luvulta :)  Vasemmalla on vanhalla 70 numeroisella langalla sekä uudella sukkulalla väkertämäni kuusi rinkulaa ja pieni nelilehtinen kukka-aihio. 104 more words


Handmade Tatted Edgings

I’ve just completed about a yard of this lovely tatted edging that would be perfect for your sacred linens projects.  Cost is $2/inch.

Other designs available upon request. 23 more words

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