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First post

Hullo to anyone who is actually reading this. I am, as you may have guessed, an aficionado of fluff and stuff, in other words, a Fluff Nerd. 887 more words


Kako se je začelo

Ni mi čisto jasno, zakaj, ampak vedno, ko začnem pisati blog (nekaj jih je že bilo, ja), se mi zdi, da je treba začeti na začetku, da sem dolžna dati pojasnilo, zakaj želim bralcu ukrasti kakšno minuto. 359 more words


Catching up by slowing down

I have been having a frustrating month this month. I try not to let it show, but I am afraid it is starting to show… or better put, it is the no-show that is showing… 334 more words


Hobbies Up To Here Episode #40

Hey hobbyist and crafters! We’re back and ready to roll with episode 40!!


This week we share the people who made us do it! 180 more words


Sending butterfly kisses!

Is there a magic phrase to say in your language when you get hurt, and/or an action everybody does in your culture to ease the pain? 422 more words


Sending bear hugs!

“My heart is with you!”

This is Kumamon, the mascot of the region that was most hard-hit by the earthquake a week ago. The copyrights-holders have temporarily lifted restrictions for use to allow anyone to draw him in their get-well messages to the affected people and region. 410 more words


Tatting/Frivolite - New Diet program

 I am just addicted to tatting/frivolite. Last  week I was in a mood for something RED. I think it went well.

I am trying to keep hands busy in front of TV- otherwise I’ll eat something:) 18 more words