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TIAS Day 4

Today’s Tat it and see installment was a doozie!  Thrilled and excited as I was to see it was up, I almost immediately started with the questions.   255 more words


Hand in hand, arm in arm

I love watching sports, but I do not watch much of the national sport of my homeland. When I first saw the players in action, I did not recognize it to be a sport – what I saw was bulked up men pairing up, putting their arms around each other, and doing the twist-and-turn on a 360-degree-view stage. 507 more words


Tias Day 3

And since today was a day off from school, and I therefore tried to take off a day from housework, and actually got to finish today’s installment!   93 more words


TIAS fun with Jane

Well, I know it is January as it is super hot here in Melbourne, the tennis is on and I am tatting the TIAS. Every year for the last few years Jane Eborall has run a… 166 more words

Eye Candy

TIAS day 2

Hmm, new interface to enter posts on WordPress.  If something seems out of place or odd, blame it on the new interface.  But I happily continue on my tatting adventure.   190 more words


2017 FAL Q1 Goals

Since the beginning of 2017, life has been crazy.  On the work front, there are so many deadlines due in January. On the family side, we experienced the loss of an aunt.   519 more words


And now...

My first post on tatting!  It is the 13th of January, and on the 1st I had not made a single double stitch.  Then last week I decided to join the… 416 more words