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How to think of a cool tattoo

Maybe you wanted A Tattoo first, maybe the image came to you in a vision, maybe you want to commemorate an important event. Probably some combination of all three has you now obsessively searching google and Pinterest for tattoo ideas. 1,201 more words


You're The Sugar Honey Iced Tea Feat DFW's Dopest Female Tattoo Artist 'Krystal Tatted'

You know we never count anybody out when it comes to recognizing talent, especially when we spot it head on and being a FEMALE doing anything in life can be a bit challenging due to the world being such a sexist world but somebody has to prove them wrong! 240 more words

You're The Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Q&A: Should I Be Worried About My Raised Tattoo?

First things first, don’t panic. Tattoos become raised for a variety of reasons, most of them nothing to worry about. We understand it can be concerning to see lumps and bumps where your ink is. 709 more words


Best in the series for me and a passionate romance

Cover Up by L.A. Witt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is, in my opinion anyway, easily the best in the series with two characters who felt relatable and believable. 497 more words


Női tetkósok, akiknél zokszó nélkül tű alá feküdnénk

Vannak olyan szakmák, művészeti irányok, sportágak, alternatív életstílus csoportok stb, amelyekben ha tetszik, ha nem, a férfiak dominálnak. Akadnak azonban olyan hölgyek, akik tehetségükkel, kitartásukkal és alázatos hozzáállásukkal sokat tesznek azért, hogy mi nők, behozzuk a lemaradást. 648 more words


BXTRA with Chance

Eclectic meets eerie at Bronx Ink, that’s where you’ll find Chance, the extraordinary tattoo artist. His shop is located on the Third Avenue section of the Bronx where I had the pleasure of meeting with him yesterday ( September 5, 2017). 57 more words