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Inked Out at the London Tattoo Convention

Being 26 years old there is a lot that I’ve learnt in life. One of those being that eating McDonalds at 3am may seem like a good idea in a drunken state, but you’ll most likely regret it the next morning. 506 more words

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Rudy Inhelder

I first met Rudy in the early/mid 1990s through the UNIQUE classified ads. A self described ‘tattoo and piercing enthusiast’, Rudy and I exchanged letters and photographs over the years, sharing stories of our own tattoos and experiences. 590 more words

Tattoo Convention

Debra Cooper 1986

I recently turned in an article for a new British tattoo zine about the tattoo videotapes that were mainstays in the  advertisment section of tattoo magazines of the late 1980s and early 1990s; highbrow offerings like the more structured documentaries that Michael O. 101 more words

Occult Vibrations


The choice of a tattoo was provided by artists from Florida and New Jersey, Hawaii to Nebraska. A tough decision for a blogger whose skins carries no inked image. 119 more words


ALOHA TATOO ARTISTS AND THE NEWLY TATOOED: did the blogger join this people on the tattoo table?

August 30–The blogger who has photographed many people with tattoos on Maui and some in Honolulu got something at this mega tatoo convention. Scroll down to see what: 144 more words

Orchestral Collaboration: Tattoo Jam 2015

One of the things I love the most about getting a new tattoo (besides the tattoo obviously) is the noise – the electric buzzing that goes hand-in-hand with the creation of works of art on skin. 752 more words