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ALOHA TATOO ARTISTS AND THE NEWLY TATOOED: did the blogger join this people on the tattoo table?

August 30–The blogger who has photographed many people with tattoos on Maui and some in Honolulu got something at this mega tatoo convention. Scroll down to see what: 131 more words

Orchestral Collaboration: Tattoo Jam 2015

One of the things I love the most about getting a new tattoo (besides the tattoo obviously) is the noise – the electric buzzing that goes hand-in-hand with the creation of works of art on skin. 752 more words

Tattoo Blog

Beaches, Bananas and Bamboo: Tatcon 2015

I was born and raised in Blackpool. The beach, the tower, the promenande… that’s my childhood, my memories, my feeling of nostalgia, my happy place, my everything. 515 more words


London Tattoo Convention 2015: News

One of the other things this week that I totally needed to write about is the London Tattoo Convention. Honestly, you wait ages for something that makes you want to write again, and then three things come at once. 360 more words


OVxAMS953: The Enigma versus 22 Tattoo Artists

The third and final Amsterdam Tattoo Convention 1995 clip; this one is the roughest with a little more shaky camera than I’m happy with, but ultimately a pretty fun little video. 53 more words

Occult Vibrations

Červená Fox - Performs at Cabaret Supperclub Belfast

With over 1.1 Million fans on Facebook, Cevena Fox known for her trademark fiery red hair is the poster girl for Tattto models.

Something that I feel says a lot about me are my tattoos.

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Cabaret Supperclub