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The World of Banana Ink

People all over the world are going bananas. Tattooing bananas, that is.

Banana Ink is a company that offer the general public the chance to see what it feels like to use a tattoo machine. 184 more words

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Brussels Tattoo Convention

13 – 15 November 2015

6th International Brussels Tattoo Convention on 13, 14& 15 November 2015
Like last year, we made a very fine selection of international artists, some of them will be making their European debut. 79 more words

My Dream Convention, King of Tattoo

I have never been huge on working at a tattoo convention. In fact, it seems more troublesome than not- finding and connecting with (new) clients, prepping tattoos for your canvas from a distance, packing and unpacking, possibly forgetting things, etc. 313 more words

Tattoo Tuesday

Light and Dark: Birmingham Tattoo Exhibition

This week I have been chatting to the lovely Jo Farn who is the organiser of Light and Dark, an exhibition in the Midlands which displays artwork and photography by musicians and tattooists around the country. 168 more words


NYC Tattoo Convention 2001

“The decoration, so-called, of the human body by tattoo designs is, in our culture, a barbaric survival, often associated with a morbid or abnormal personality.” -Judge Aron Steuer, Grossman v. 97 more words

Occult Vibrations

Planning Life #16

     Planning Life is back! I’m sure you missed it last week though I hope the 10 random facts about me satisfied your desire to read about me and my mundane life. 533 more words


Inked Out at the London Tattoo Convention

Being 26 years old there is a lot that I’ve learnt in life. One of those being that eating McDonalds at 3am may seem like a good idea in a drunken state, but you’ll most likely regret it the next morning. 506 more words

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