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My First Mid-Life Crisis disguised as a makeover

“Don’t see me” seems to be my fashion statement of choice. Suburban soccer mom chic is not sexy, and yet that is the reality of the situation. 505 more words


Up with Razor Candi!

Trying to do justice to one of my favorite models!

Expect more rough work with this lady in the near future. Thanks for viewing!


Lest we forget - clever image of sacrifice

At a glance this looks very familiar to Kiwis.

A closer look shows some very clever artistry.

I’m not a tattoo fan but that’s very cool as a meaningful image. 180 more words


Eight Days

On Sunday, the 15th of February, I made the decision to kill myself. It was something that had been building inside me for several weeks and it was something I’d always been able to push to the back of my mind. 329 more words


Tatoo Virgin No Longer

Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about tattoos – either you love them (and are slightly addicted to getting them), or you think they are stupid and often regrettable decisions. 349 more words

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My Tattoo. Part 1.

The thick buzzing echoed throughout the establishment’s cool and sterile environment. It was like a dentist’s drill mixed with excited hum of a swarm of bees. 1,088 more words

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Typical Girl Tattoo Form

There are very few things in this world that I hate. The “Typical Girl Tattoo Form” is number one on that list. First off I have an anchor tattoo. 394 more words