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Beginnings and Skulls

Skulls are about death, they are about pain, but they are also about change, renewal, and life. I’ve chosen the skull as a personal symbol that represents my transformation as my transition came about through a near death experience. 85 more words

Gender Identity

Where am I? vol 4

We did it! We covered the basic knowledge of tattoo history and covered a little extra ground with how it works. This will be my final update on where I stand with my first tattoo. 277 more words


so how exactly does this work anyway?

Here is what we are working with:

Depending on what area of the world you are in, the method of tattooing may differ. From something similar to today’s stick and poke method to the latest electric tattoo gun, people have gotten very creative in how to insert ink into the skin. 505 more words



I have been thinking of getting a tattoo. Not just thinking but actually getting one. I still haven’t decided what I want it to be. Not forgetting that my religion doesn’t allow me to have a tattoo. 90 more words

Does Meditation Sound Goofy?

You hear meditation and I’m sure your knee-jerk response is how goofy it is and what a waste of time it can be.  You picture some person sitting with their back board straight in the lotus position going “ohm” over and over.   817 more words