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Shiala's favourite tattoo artists!

Shiala Skies talk to us about new YouTube channel and monthly tattoo videos that she will be uploaded.

Check out the feature and her latest tattoo video here

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Revenge for all 2016

Running strong … Strong and long .

Secret walls show

Yo! I’ll be doing my thing , battling at the secret walls show this month ( 4/20) . Show starts at 9:30 , don’t be an L 7 and come truuuue

Tattooed people wanted!

Want to see your tattoo featured in Mammoth?

Email shiala@mammothmagazine.co.uk with the following and you could well appear in out next issue

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Tattoo Talk with JJ

This month we sat down with JJ, who is a tattooist and singer of The Bastard Sons.


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Get your tattoos in Mammoth!

Fancy having your tattoos featured in Mammoth Magazine? Email clear pictures to our tattooed babe Leonora.

Click here to view readers tattoos in issue 3

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