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Press Start

I’m not going to make promises. I won’t make deadlines. Personally those don’t work, they never have. However I will make a list. A list of things I want to do on a short term and long term basis. 338 more words


So What's Next?

I can imagine a lot of you are thinking, “Wow. You started a blog. Just like so many other people on the internet. Congrats on knowing how to form a complete sentence . 330 more words


long story short

i was happy to find a place for my story, the aerialist, when long story short published it back in november last year. so i’m more than happy to step up to support their efforts to establish a means to actually pay their contributors. 63 more words

I Am Writing

Big Tats on my Thighs


This is my first really painful tattoo session, let’s be honest getting a tattoo is not the easiest decision to make. You have to think about the subject, the dimension, the placement and a lot more like if your going to regret this decision on not, the price and to find the right tattoo artist that can complete in the best way possible on budget is task. 74 more words

A Striking Hypocrisy

These devastated mothers lost their preborn sons and daughters to the heartbreaking tragedy of miscarriage. They were so affected by their loss that they tattooed permanent memorials to their children on their skin. 218 more words


Eddie Steezy

This post is a bit more personal because its about my brother Eddie. On this podcast episode you will hear his reasons for getting this tattoo’s on his arm, his new addiction and why he has no regrets about his ink even after becoming a pastor. Check it out!