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Ahhhhh it's Ska! 

We had a commission from a dear friend of ours who wanted a special design Tshirt for his sons birthday. He wanted the design to be Ska themed and Lee went to work on the idea. 65 more words


Skulls and Roses ... 

Lee has just created this fabulous calf piece yesterday on one of our regulars. It is a beautiful piece which compliments the calf piece Lee already created on the customers other leg. 28 more words


Rollercoaster ride

The last eight weeks have felt like a rollercoaster ride, although I’m not a fan of them in reality. Little did I know that I would have the surprise of my life within that time, and share it with so many family. 224 more words


WATCH: Should a Christian get a tattoo?

In this Ascension Presents video, Fr. Mike Schmitz tackles the question of whether a Christian should get a tattoo. Keeping a few guidelines in mind, he suggests a few questions we should ask ourselves before placing a permanent marks on our bodies — because what we put on there says something about who we are.

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Animal Testing, Tattoos, and Rape Culture

  1. Animal Testing
    1. Why aren’t all makeup companies in the United States cruelty free?
      1. Now, I do have some education on this topic but I would love to research this further.
  2. 594 more words

Finished It, Neo-Traditional Anatomical Heart

Finished It, Neo-Traditional Anatomical Heart

From black and white to full color! Stop by the shop today! Let’s talk designs and get your first couple of appointments scheduled! 13 more words

Custom Designs By Babyhands Tattoo