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Confessions of an "inked" Christian

Okay, time for a confession: I am a Christian and I have tattoos.

*waits for the gasps*

This has been a HUGE issue that I have encountered a few times really and I just have to wonder if the whole “If you get inked, you are evil” notion exists. 1,751 more words


Cowboys fan with 'Super Bowl LI' tattoo made update that doomed Dallas' chances next season

Preemptive championship tattoos have to be right at the top of the list for most ill-advised tattoo decisions. They almost never work out.

Back in December, comedian… 216 more words


Literary Ink

In addition to most things literary, I also love tattoos. That might seem odd but it’s true. I love carrying ink on my person like I’m a book. 121 more words


When one of your coworkers is showing off her new tattoo, and your work crush comes over to see it.
Then he starts talking about his tattoos & you start imagining what they look like.. 70 more words

Tattoo & Transform

After my marriage ended, I wanted to do something to commemorate my feelings and to signify the start of a new chapter.

Enter, the torched wedding dress. 383 more words

All About Me

My tattoo

This is my first tattoo. I had gotten my first dab of ink onto my skin, when I was freshly 18. This tattoo is located on my right arm, on my wrist. 99 more words


Playing with fire

I’ve been preoccupied… Experimenting… With a creature that we all too often overlook – “the slu.” My experiences with slu’s have never extended the scope of a fucked up night raw dogging until the sun comes up…. 858 more words