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La Hoz y el Martillo

Este símbolo de origen soviético representa la unión de la industria y la agricultura, el proletariado y campesinado en una sola emblema, este símbolo ahora abiertamente distribuido alrededor del mundo, fue creado durante la revolución Rusa de 1917 tras la Revolución de Octubre la unión de trabajadores y campesinos es adoptada en la nueva organización política como la base del estado. 236 more words


So you want a tattoo

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to go under the needle and get a tattoo. This is your first tattoo, or maybe you’re just looking for a better approach than last time. 942 more words


Why Departments can Tell You how to Look

Have you ever wondered why Police Departments can regulate how the officers look? I was curious myself and did some research on the topic.  Today, many departments do not allow tattoos to be showing while wearing the short sleeve uniform.   299 more words


Jamin thought, "EARTH QUAKER right?"

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Name: Middle Aged Guy


Power: B

Speed: E

Range: B

Staying: A

Precision: E

Learning: C

A- Very Good B- Good… 242 more words

the name

Have you ever had a moment in life that you know you’ll always remember? Something so monumental happens (you may not even know what) and you know you’ll always remember that moment? 726 more words


Tattooing: My Sleeve Concept

In the previous tattoo post I put up my desire to have a circular theme. This here is a better experiment. I’ll probably copy and it play around with different shades. 43 more words

Tattooing And Tribal Stuff