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About me!


My name is (John) Ioan Claudiu Manolache, and I’m the man behind the IOAN tattoo community. (Sidor Manu, so most friends know me.)


Lately, this page is accessed by many people who have a tattoo or not, so I decided to tell you a few things about me!  482 more words


I cast my toy Catamaran adrift

the year the Berlin Wall

was sledge hammered into souvenirs.

Last night I dreamt

the letter to an unknown Goddess, 136 more words


Why my tattoos?

It was suggested by one of my friends that I write about my tattoos. SURE! I enjoy explaining my stories behind the tattoos! I thought I’d write about them too! 1,989 more words



When I was 16 and my then boyfriend turned 18, he got a tattoo. A crown, with my initials on the inside. I’m pretty sure that he probably paid less that $50 for it. 322 more words


My Experience with Permanent Makeup

This post is a little different from the norm, but since I’m all about sharing experiences, I thought I’d share my latest venture into insanity! 988 more words

Tattoo Designs and Just Wondering...

I ask you Peace-Seekers, do you ever feel like the whole world knows something you don’t? Or like there’s something cosmic happening, it’s in the air and you can… 339 more words

My Bohemian Life

Fitness Friday: finally joined the Y

Last Sunday I joined the local YMCA. The cost is a bit high for a gym of this quality, $75/month, but it is in walking distance and the hours are convenient. 229 more words

Fitness Friday