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T’au Codex Review: Part 2 - Relics, Generic Stratagems and Traits

Warlord Traits:

These are the generic warlord traits that are available to take for any Tenet, giving T’au players a lot of flexibility to either follow the set traits offered up in the codex or make up their own and give their cadre a distinct flavor. 2,872 more words

Warhammer 40K

Failed goals, but with multiple good excuses! :)

Well what did you fail then you might ask, so here is a recap of my goals from last week:
– Prime: Gun Drones, Pathfinder group and their drones, Ethereal. 505 more words


Bow To τ

I used to worship π, but now
My math allegiance is to τ.
This manifesto by Mike Hartl
Is the reason. It’ll startle
You if you’re an old pi-guy… 9 more words


Stop celebrating Pi Day, and embrace Tau as the true circle constant

(Source: www.theverge.com)

Today is Pi Day, perhaps the most popular of geeky holidays. But I’m here to tell you that Pi Day is wrong — or rather, the entire idea of pi as a mathematical concept is wrong. 1,088 more words


WMU unions to face off in kickball extravaganza

Friday, March 16 |
7-8:30 p.m. |
WMU Student Rec Center |

It is ON!

Get those knee braces on and get your ice packs ready: … 177 more words

News And Updates

Alzheimer’s Protein Propagates Like a Disease Epidemic Through Important Brain Regions.

The average burden of tau pathology, depicted by red circles. Image produced following PET scans of 17 patients with AD. Image source.  

According to a new study on patients suffering with… 1,015 more words