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Tech Priest caught on the back foot by Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

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“Magos Magnus realised he had made a miscalculation sending the servitor to secure the perimeter as the stormtroopers assigned for his protection suddenly raised their weapons against him. 71 more words

Imperial Guard

PC – Dawn of War III – Announcement Trailer via /r/pcmasterrace — Gamerelated

Apparently DOW 3 is a thing. Nice! Hopefully its better then DOW2…Personally I would want a Civ / Total War styled 40k Game, where I can play as the Tau. 30 more words


W40K Campaign: Nimbosa Crusade

*(Until I get permission from the other players to use their names, I’ll just refer to them with initials)


So to encourage each other to get back into painting and 40k, a bunch of us are starting a private campaign we’re calling the Nimbosa Crusade. 404 more words


Painting Update 02/05/2016

Just a quick painting update in-between some writing and another exciting project that is taking up most of my time currently – behold, six more fire warriors! 207 more words

Warhammer 40K

Express yourself, or better yet, don't.

An original and interesting observation just appeared that might help explain how the known genetic variants associated with PSP might cause the disease.  It has to do with regulating gene expression. 511 more words

Is that Tau in Venom: Space Knight? Paging GW Lawyers! (Update)

If there’s one company that fights to defend their IP more than a certain House of Mouse, that’d be the game company Games Workshop who has sicked quite a few lawyers on companies they felt were infringing on their… 164 more words


Blades of Damocles - Phil Kelly

The first full-length Space Marine Battles book from Black Library since 2015’s Damocles anthology, Phil Kelly’s Blades of Damocles takes us back to before the time of its predecessor to look at the events of the first Damocles Gulf Crusade. 482 more words