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Shas’O, we have multiple intruder alerts, repeat, the Io’Tar has been boarded.’

‘Contain and destroy them, Shas’el.’

‘Affirmative, Shas’O.’

The comms link terminated abruptly, replacing the squall of background static with the ferocious din of battle. 663 more words

Warhammer 40K

The glorious return of the goat-fish-people!

Hey everybody!
That’s right, I’m back to playing with my burgeoning Tau force, after what feels like an eternity where I couldn’t decide where to apply my hobby focus. 2,032 more words


Battle of Nethamus [AN0004]

After retreating from Konor, the Desert Blades quickly deployed on the breadbasket world of Nethamus in an attempt to throw the Imperial defenders off balance and restart the momentum they had in the beginning of the campaign. 115 more words

Painting Update 4/5/2018

More reinforcements have arrived for the T’au – this time the much vaunted Coldstar Commander! The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed the addition of the XV86 in the previous thread about my list to take to the Double Tap tournament this weekend. 325 more words

Warhammer 40K

Examining the Effectiveness of Integrated Behavioral and Primary Healthcare Treatment-A Brief Summary

Using subscales of the Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment (ANSA) and an author created Crisis Event measure, holistic client functioning was assessed for persons diagnosed with comorbid serious mental illness (SMI) and primary healthcare diseases. 401 more words

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Crappy conversions part 2: DS8 Tactical Support Turret

I bought the majority of my fire warriors long before Breachers were even a thing, let alone the DS8 turret. The former I could live without (and probably convert with ease if I felt so inclined) but the latter appealed to me, especially as it was effectively a free upgrade for Power Level games. 341 more words

Warhammer 40K

Battlereport 40k: T'au versus Death Guard 1500 points

So it has been a while and I had promised this battlereport, so here it is for what I can still remember about it.

I played a 1500 points game versus Robin one of our club members and our local bartender at the club (that made the game pause a bit more then usual but that is ok). 1,427 more words