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Macro | Gartenkreuzspinne

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Sie ist die in Mitteleuropa häufigste Vertreterin der Gattung der Kreuzspinnen. Die Gartenkreuzspinne war Spinne des Jahres 2010.

By Bernhardl123

Source: 500px.com


It begins

Well here we are. I now have a few models to show you.

These are the units I have in a battle ready state.

HQ… 14 more words


Psalm 119:153 - 176 | Part 20 (Resh), 21 (Shin), and 22 (Tau) / 22

Resh: Verses 153 – 160

Father, we thank You, that You are our Redeemer and our Deliverer. Father, we ask You to do a reviving work in our lives according to Your Word. 376 more words


Product Focus: NEW Tau antibody from rPepdite -Tau-1A6 Antibody

Tau is a family of six isoforms, derived from a single gene by alternative mRNA splicing1. They vary in size from 352 to 441 amino acids (36.8 to 45.9 kDa), and differ from one another in having three or four microtubule binding repeats (R) of 31-32 amino acids each, and two, one or none amino terminal inserts (N) of 29 amino acids each2. 242 more words


Are you recieving

+++Begin data stream+++

Welcome it is good to finally be broadcasting this information to you.

I am in the coming few days going to post a full picture of my current standing army and where it is currently at. 113 more words


The Eigenharp Tau

I’ve been fascinated by the Eigenharp since I first read about it in a SoundOnSound article 5-6 years ago. Recently I finally decided to order a Tau. 749 more words


Macro | früh am Morgen

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Ein Hauhechel – Bläuling (Polyommatus icarus) im Morgentau. 17 more words