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Shiny Tau Commission Update #11 – Stormy Tides

The war machines of the Tau Empire are tall and mighty, and now painted. 3 Riptides and a Stormsurge.

I love the Stormsurge. It’s huge and is neat to paint. 42 more words


Planning for Dreadtober

I only recently started building 40K models. I’ve decided to collect Tau, so I’ve ordered one of GW’s Start Collecting Tau box sets. There’s a Start Collecting box for each of the major armies, and they offer pretty good value for getting into the hobby (around £50 for £100 worth of kits). 720 more words

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Ascension: Act 2

I’m going to give you the Acts of Ascension one at a time.

But I’m suffering from writer’s pride so I just really want to show it of as fast as possible. 1,346 more words


Ascension Act One: Part Two

Roughly six months have passed since I posted the first act of my fan fiction “Ascension”.

Some people have contacted me, asking me to post the other acts. 796 more words


Shiny Tau Commission Update #10 – A Crisis of Weapons

So many…so very many. Lots of every weapon here. From plasma rifles to flamers these battlesuits are going to have it all.

Last up are the big warmachines of the Tau Empire.


Titan’s Fall pt 3.1: The Titan Prime Campaign

MISSION 3.1: Insurrection

Mission Setup:
While the defenders of Rhea Hive are well dug in, the spaceport of Ares – situated just outside the second city’s defensive cordon – is only lightly garrisoned. 1,435 more words

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