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Shas'O would be so proud


Much faster than I could have hoped, didn’t have the usual endless phase of “its maybe not printable, change that, again”.

The Emissary was the last Forgeworld BFG ship, so I’ll have to think about what to do next. 19 more words


Thought I should write an update.

As you can see, I tried a few ways to add piping, so that it fits in with the other ships.But they all looked silly. 19 more words

Aborted Army

Usually, when you start a new army, it is with an air of excitement as you start on that long, long road of treading new ground and figuring out how to actually paint things. 515 more words


A Year Old- Iron Hands & Tau update

Hi, all! The blog is one year old now, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads and follows, it’s very much appreciated. 682 more words

Space Marines


Trying something a bit more organic looking for this one, after all it’s an emissary, so it should impress the more primitive species.


Started work on the emissary lookalike. Here’s a first look:

Yeah doesn’t look like much right now. I usually start by working on the rough shape and checking if it’s printable. 24 more words