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Titan’s Fall pt 3.2: The Titan Prime Campaign

MISSION 3.2: Supply & Demand

Mission Setup:
A series of lightning strikes against smaller, less well defended outposts in the outlying regions of Titan Prime by the Ultramarines have begun the slow process of sowing discord amongst the rebels and their Tau Allies. 2,396 more words

Warhammer 40K

Still Here ;)

Not much words here, just been busy trying to up my painting game.  Check it out.  Most are WIP, with the exception of Kharn the Betrayer, I painted him years ago! 98 more words

Games Workshop

Ascension: Final Act

Act VI

-Necron Dormant Monolith-

With two fell swoops the shas’vre successfully made a breach large enough for them to slip inside the monolith. 1,468 more words


The liberation of Ma'galth (a Tau vs Sister batrep)

1250 points CAD
No formations
No Lords of War
3 objectives worth 2 points
Secondary Objectives: Warlord Kill, Linebreaker & First Blood (worth 1 point each) 510 more words


Alzheimer's disease breakthrough

Breakthrough made by the researchers at the University of Minnesota!
Alzheimer’s disease most common sign is memory loss and with the new breakthrough Alzheimer’s disease itself might soon be a forgotten memory. 75 more words

The Land the Mind Forgot

It was quiet. The women had been lulled to sleep by the usual bustling sounds of caregivers cleaning up after breakfast and nurses dispensing meds. The TV had been turned to one of those channels that shows the classics, like I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler and Moore, and of course, The Andy Griffith Show.   263 more words