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Tau Day!!!

Hey guys, Daniel here with some news. Some of you may not know, but I’M A COMPLETE MATH NERD (ya, I know, I don’t do all caps or call myself a nerd very often). 106 more words


Tau 'Knight' WiP Update (Minor)

So, when I started building this, the Knight Crusader didn’t exist. This is my attempt: The main gun is either the rapid-fire battle cannon or the thermal cannon. 81 more words

Warhammer 40K

I want it to be as a quail.


As an art dealer I am often asked for my expertise in determining the value of a work of art or antique passed on to them by Aunt Minnie or Grandpa Frank; the interrogator of the moment appears to hope that by meeting me that they have stumbled into their own Road Show host who is about to make them rich for a month or two. 160 more words


BFG - Demiurg Stronghold Class Battleships

Hi guys,

Welcome back to the fourth post detailing my current Demiurg / Tau fleet project. This time it is the turn of the Demiurg ‘Stronghold’ Class vessel, a pair of which make up the backbone of this 1,500pt fleet. 516 more words


BFG - Demiurg Bastion Class Cruisers

Hi guys,

Back after a slow blogging period with some Demiurg ships for BFG. Demiurge are a bit of a weird one, in that they only appear in BFG as allies / mercenaries in the Tau Empire list. 394 more words


Tau 'Knight' WiP Update: Built & Primed(ish)

Still haven’t resolved the close-combat weapons to my satisfaction, but I don’t have the bits on hand to do what I think I want to do in any case. 21 more words

Warhammer 40K