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100,000 Strong

By: Kayla Kimrey

Growing up and going to the Texas State football games in San Marcos, I always watched the cheerleaders on the sidelines doing flips in the air. 593 more words

BFG Tau Fleet - Hero Class Starship

Hi guys,

I hope you are all well and having lots of hobby fun! This post is for the Hero Class Starship which is the first cruiser sized vessel to feature in this fleet and one that I really rather like. 621 more words


BFG Tau Fleet - Defender Class Starships

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting again, things have been busy! This post is the turn of the Defender Class Starship from my just painted Tau fleet, which are the larger type of escort available in the list (yes, there is a third type but it is a bit weird and I will cover it seperately!). 275 more words


Gettin' My Gamin' Groove Back

All I can say is thank the Lord I’m getting back into my normal self.  I’m feeling well rested, I’m feeling energized, and paint is starting to get on miniatures once more. 594 more words


Manus Dei Faction Update - Ka Lasa Kavaal

Far from home, yet bringing with them all the great weapons of war of their Empire, is the Tau strikeforce: Ka Lasa Kavaal.

Hailing from the First Expansion Sept Vior’la, this militant force is a mysterious yet devastating newcomer to the Manus Dei System. 545 more words


Chapter 44

“Are you ready?” Kimball asked.  We were in our room, getting ready for traveling to his next mission.

“Of course, we can leave whenever you want.”  I said as I got up and moved to hug Kimball.   2,825 more words