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Review: Tau Benah - Hey Hey

Hey Hey has a laidback groove, dreamy riffs and flow that evokes Chance The rapper with the tone of Finley Quaye.

Like sipping a sweet cider at a sunset barbecue with friends, this song is a gear changer that is best mixed with sprinkle of classic funk and soul. 20 more words


Sensitive non-invasive technology developed to detect changes in protein biomarkers associated with TBI

From NYU Langone Medical Center:

Enhancing Studies on a Possible Blood Biomarker for Traumatic Brain Injury

NYU Langone Medical Center Introducing New Technology to Identify Head Injuries at Earliest Possible Stages…

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Space Clowns and Gundam Frogs... Harlequin Masque with allied Firebase Support Cadre

The more I look at the Harlequins codex, the more I think it can be competitive in the hands of the right player, provided it can cover some of its deficiencies with the help of allies. 571 more words


When you feel it, you will know.

This post strays away from my norm, where I write about my experience on an excursion. I guess I am just trying something new? Let’s see… 361 more words

There Is Only War

The battle lines were drawn. Formations of the 3rd Company First Legion Astartes, the Dark Angels boarded their transports and attack bikes and prepared to protect an Imperial world against the expansion of the technologically superior yet numerically inferior Tau. 493 more words


So Last Night in the ER...

Yup- emergency room again last night. Five hours in the ER because poor Tau has a stomach bug. Yes, a stomach bug. No, we are not over reacting. 420 more words


Marché TAU

Tau Grocery Stores


TAU wants to be your health corner partner. This is why “5″ supermarkets are given the mission to offer high quality organic food, a wide variety of products and beauty treatments, as well as personalized service and competent professionals naturopaths. 204 more words