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Winter Commute - #ineedatauntaun

Only thing I’m missing is a Taun Taun.

Hoth has better weather.

Waiting for Han and Luke to appear.


Let It Snow


KETV First News meteorologist Matt Serwe put it PERFECTLY when he tweeted:

“Post about any snow during the week, and every high schooler be like…” 577 more words


Winter in America 2013/14

yeap its a cold one! One of the worst winters in American history. At least the Taun Taun’s will be useful though eh! (brilliant!)

Star Wars

Mark Nix Fun Fact #465

It’s as cold outside as the girl that I took to Long John Silver’s for our first date and made her pay, so let’s all try and think about warm things to help us make it through the day. 128 more words

Piggyback Ride

Guinea Pig Taun Taun pulls a reverse parrot manoeuvre on Justine’s shoulder.
Most of her piggies like to spend time there.
Taun Taun’s breed is known as Sheba. 18 more words


Why did the Taun-Taun freeze?

In the beginning of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back; Han’s Taun-Taun freezes. Why?

The Taun-Taun is a native of Hoth. The rebels didn’t bring them with them. 68 more words