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Just Karma 85 for May 2016 wp

Just Karma 85
Some Array
(Collom Lune series)

Breakfast, errands about
Before a quiet day begins;
Taking it slow

Trading daffodil bulbs
For mushrooms and sesame seeds… 90 more words


Fourth Great-Grandparents Ivory Goodwin and Jerusha Taunt

Now we’ve come to my fourth great-grandparents, Ivory Goodwin and Jerusha Taunt. I’m awfully curious about this couple who raised the thrice-married bigamist Lucy Goodwin and her alcoholic brother John, as well as the other siblings who I know even less about. 432 more words

Family History

Daily Design: Day 127

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on three randomly generated words. 445 more words

Game Design

To Bully, Taunt and Demoralize

To Bully,  Taunt  and Demoralize

When morally corrupt people  want  to grab power  and wealth  for themselves,  they will bully,  taunt  and demoralize  those they want  to defeat  and overcome.     503 more words



I should of known that you are never wrong… I should of believed your notso ambiguous hints… You are always right and yet this time I thought it might be different… That somehow you have it all wrong… That you didn’t know; that fate might side with my dreams and not with your certainty… For why else dangle this opportunity right infront of my eyes… Why else give me the first glimpses of what happiness is about… What cruel sense of humor does destiny have to tempt me into joy only to snatch it away before I have a chance to taste it… What sort of fool does this make me… Knowing as I do that you are always right, and ignoring it nonetheless… I know how much fun you are having right now at my misery… Yes; you did say he’s not interested… Yes you have pointed out more than often that I am no one nor have anything that would attract anyone to me… That the only reason you chose to remain with me is that you can still taunt me and control me even when I have these lapse in judgment from time to time… It hurts me so much that I know all this; and still crave his attention… Knowing completely well that I’ve got nothing on me to make him want me in the first place… For I have fooled myself initially thinking that he might be interested… Alas; no one is… Not even you demon… For your ulterior motive is to drape me in your dark shadow and extinguish the flame of my life… Then take me to the depth of your dark soul… To burn in your sarcasm and unmerciful barbs that pour in my bloodstream like gasoline on fire… Oh demon how I wish that I haven’t ever met you… Won’t you let me be… For he has distanced himself from my company… Why won’t you too…. 42 more words



Whenever frustrations haunt you;

And you’ve no place left to turn!

Try your best, to pass the test;

Go outside, and learn!

Whenever envy should taunt you; 77 more words