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A name, engraved in mind

A screen, through which I touch her

Oh, illusion, please be kind

Don’t taunt me with your devil eyes.

Yours truly,

An Addict


Can a Blank Sheet of Paper Really Drive You to the Ledge Atop a Forty Story Building?

When you sit in front of that blank page, does it mock, daring you to place that first word to paper or warmly invite you, “Please, come write?” 310 more words

On Writing

Six word story (c. Nina Karadzic)

The softest blade, the sweetest smile.



The Lord had me remember one time back in circa 1999, when I was still wet behind the ears regarding my Christian walk. It was a testing of my faith, and He used a good Godly friend to teach me that Christ’s forgiveness is available to all, and that love is indeed a powerful force. 832 more words
Jesus Christ Is The Only Way To Heaven!

No Title 7

And we dangle our feet over the edge
Taunting the beast
Testing his speed
We beat the horse even after its dead
They don’t understand us… 53 more words


Acne scars more than your skin

I was thinking back to my younger days, especially when I first started to experience acne and thought I’d share some things with you.  My goal is to let you see into the mind of someone that has acne and what that feels like for them.  598 more words