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Tausug: The Last Tribes of Mindanao, the People of the Current

In the Sulu archipelago in Mindanao inhabits another Islam tribal group known as the “Tausug” or “Suluk.” It came from the words “tau” meaning man and “sug” meaning current. 362 more words

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Day 55 to 57 - 365

Mercy, Marce. A tropical depression that had the potential to develop into a storm was headed our way. I usually stay up during these times to ensure that if the weather turned for the worse that we’d be ready to evacuate to… 237 more words


For the Motherland

Lately, I have been the butt of jokes by friends and acquaintances. This is due to my wholehearted, unquestionable support for the current President. I don’t owe them any explanations. 498 more words