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Bradford Tied or Broke 34 Records This Season... Apparently..

Because I came up back in the days where me and my best friend would sit for hours waiting to get on AOL (Yes, kids, we had to wait in line to get online) I still spend a decent amount of time on sites like Yahoo(!). 510 more words

With Teddy Down, What Options Do the Vikings Have at Quarterback?

Another year, another historically heartbreaking moment for Vikings fans. Sure, other teams have injury issues, look at the Cowboys. But Tony Romo wasn’t taken away from the game against the Seahawks in an ambulance. 2,073 more words


Tavaris Jackson's Wife Roasts His Entire Career, as He Points Gun at Her Head

Talk about a badass, cast this woman as the next CatWoman/WonderWoman/IronWoman.

Tavaris Jackson, an all time mediocre quarterback, has officially gone off of the deep end. 122 more words