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TIPSY TOURIST: Annabel Lee Tavern

In the town where Edgar Allan Poe found his footing as an author, you can find all kinds of tributes to him: the house where he lived, statues, his… 272 more words


Williamsburg Restaurant King's Arms Tavern

A colonial treat in Williamsburg, VA, King’s Arm Tavern sets out to transport its history enthusiasts back to the Colonial Williamsburg era and the themed eatery does it ever so successfully!  The locale recreates a typical 1772 tavern and home through the décor and customary dishes cha…

What's in a Restaurant Name?

Merriam has been telling people who speak the English language that the noun “tavern” is ‘an establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold to be drunk on the premises’. 692 more words


Bout of Books 18: Day 6

It’s the weekend: yey! I have the weekend off: yey! It’s the penultimate day of Bout of Books 18: booo! After all the overtime I have done this week, and know I have lined up for the rest of the month, I am quite tired. 833 more words


HopMonk Tavern - Sonoma

The food here has a level of finesse you would never expect at a country tavern. Salads are amazing, meat plates too. It’s a must-visit in Sonoma. 12 more words


The Bar Chronicles, #9: Christmas Memories

“You got to remember, it was right after the depression and a coal miner’s family didn’t have much at all”

Christmas, a time for goodwill, reverence and seasonal brews. 442 more words


High School nickname of Norman “Norm” Peterson, (George Wendt), a portly accountant who spends most of his waking hours sipping beer at Cheers, a local Boston tavern on the sitcom CHEERS/NBC/1982-93. 811 more words

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