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Health First Valve Clinic | TAVR Surgery In Brevard County

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In which medicine slowly steals all procedures from the surgeons: TAVR vs SAVR for intermediate surgical risk patients.

Cardiologists are an inventive bunch — smart money says that they’ll be able to transplant an entire heart via an intravascular approach by 2020, and the more aggressive centers will do lungs at the same time via a radial approach. 1,559 more words


The First Valve in Valve TranscatheterAortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) done in Western India to treat patient for failed tissue valve

Now offering latest, cutting-edge heart valve replacement technology, Hinduja Hospital today announced implant of the recapturable, self-expanding Transcatheter heart valve systemin a 60 year old man hailing from Sholapur. 540 more words


Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Linked to Increased Risk of Neurological Microbleeds and Vascular Dementia

Aortic valve failure is a cardiac condition in which the aortic valve fails to open and close properly, negatively affecting healthy blood flow both to the brain and to the body.  432 more words


Heart Valve Clinic Brevard | TAVR Treatment

Health First Heart Valve Clinic is treating cardiac patients with aortic valve disease or aortic stenosis. TAVR Heart valve treatment options in Brevard County.

External iliac remote endarterectomy restores the artery to normal, opening the way for EVAR, TAVR, TEVAR, and transplant: alternate applications of EndoRE

One of the nice things  about practicing at the Clinic is being able to offer unique solutions. A severely diseased or occluded external iliac artery (EIA) can be a vexing problem, particularly if bilateral, in this endovascular era. 648 more words