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How your ideology is correct and others are wrong

There is only one straight path to heaven (Jannah). But we see many divisions amongst us with each claiming to be correct. When we the Huzbut Tawheed movement begin to call upon all to embrace the truth which Allah gave us knowledge, we are obviously questioned, how our claim is right, and on which basis we are saying that, what Hezbut tawheed is saying is ultimate truth. 320 more words

Ghuluww in the Guise of Intercession

– By Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah

See video below, and written transcript that follows.

TRANSLATION of the video (also appears on the video as subtitles): 525 more words

Shirk in the Guise of Tawassul

Allah (swt) sent down the Quran to primarily introduce Himself and guide His creatures so that they may worship Him (Al-Quran 1:5 Thee alone do we worship, and from You alone we seek help… 1,701 more words


Because he is chasing a mirage. He thinks that this Dunya will give him true Happiness and Contentment so he keeps filling his heart with the Dunya until he begins to suffocate … 7 more words


Submission to the All-Mighty is not only done physically by performing the Salah (obligatory prayer) but one must also submit with his heart. Submit to the teachings of the Qur’ān, submit to Allāh’s Law and the decisions of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam) and submit to Allāh’s divine Decree and firmly believe that all He decreed for you is only for your best.