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I am flying in more ways than one. In front of me is an unknown destination, which I think I know but in reality I know very little. 521 more words


Knowledge Increases Faith

SubhanAllah , it’s like the Quran is catered to each person to every kind of sorrow there is a cure , for every question there is an Answer. 399 more words


Tawheed (oneness of Allaah-one true God), it's meaning, types, importance, virtues and Purpose of Our creation

TAWHEEDTawheed is the noun derived from the Arabic root verb :وحَّدَ- يوحِّدُ/ (wahhada / yuwahhidu) which means to make something one. This is not accomplished except by a negation and affirmation, both together – negating this characteristic from anything other than the thing which is being singled out, and affirming it to that thing. 4,886 more words

Islamic Rulings Explained

Verily Allaah loves three things for you and he hates three things for you - Shaykh Rabee | Abu Muhammad al Maghribee [Audio|En]

The Messenger (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said,

“Verily Allaah loves three things for you and he hates three things for you. He loves that you worship Him alone, and that you do not join anyone else in your worship of him and that you do not worship other than him, He loves that you hold tight altogether to the rope of Allaah and that you do not be divided.

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Proofs for Beginning with the Basmalah

Why does he start with Bismillah, this is a matter of Ibaadah and when you do Ibaadah, the burden of proof is on you to bring proof. 779 more words


Sittings during the blessed month of Ramadān by Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen Rahimahullah [Day 10]

Day Ten:
From the Mandatory Etiquettes of Fasting
Sheikh Muhammad Bin Saleh Bin ‘Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah)

My brothers: Know that there are many manners that are important for the completion of the fast. 1,687 more words