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10 Years Old Tawny Port

Graham’s 10 Years Old Tawny Port is a tribute to craftsmanship. It epitomizes the passion for excellence and precision that is at the heart of every one of Graham’s handmade Tawny Ports. 82 more words

Sunday Tastings


A little sip of port is enough to get a full arise out of my taste buds. If I really like the port, I will buy a bottle or two. 156 more words


Rainbow eucalyptus

Prompt: Sapphics

I would have preferred a non-group tour of its
remotest regions, but instead opted a
spin in a white van, flag our tourist status, 110 more words


Feathers for Their Bedde

So, I will not backdate and regale of tales gone by. But since I have now finally taken to the time to set up this page I thought I might as well include the occasional blog post to accompany it. 195 more words


Owls in Surrey Launches

Owls in Surrey is a site I have created in order to aid others in their quest to view the beautiful strigiforme in the wild… 171 more words


A Lesson for Writers from Leonard Nimoy:


Seriously, pumpkins, this is a fascinating look at how the Vulcan greeting came about, but there is also a great lesson for writers embedded in it. 39 more words


Finding the Time to Write

Hey, BCs,

Help! How do u find time 2 write? I want 2 write a book but I am waaaaaaaaaay 2 busy.

Ur Friend,

–Fly (in the ointment of my life) 599 more words