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Feathers for Their Bedde

So, I will not backdate and regale of tales gone by. But since I have now finally taken to the time to set up this page I thought I might as well include the occasional blog post to accompany it. 195 more words


Owls in Surrey Launches

Owls in Surrey is a site I have created in order to aid others in their quest to view the beautiful strigiforme in the wild… 171 more words


A Lesson for Writers from Leonard Nimoy:


Seriously, pumpkins, this is a fascinating look at how the Vulcan greeting came about, but there is also a great lesson for writers embedded in it. 39 more words


Finding the Time to Write

Hey, BCs,

Help! How do u find time 2 write? I want 2 write a book but I am waaaaaaaaaay 2 busy.

Ur Friend,

–Fly (in the ointment of my life) 599 more words


Dear Self-Published Author,

I like you! I really, really like you!! And I am totally rooting for you, I promise!!!

Look, I know it’s a cold, cruel, publishing world out there and it’s tough to get attention amidst a sea of other authors (see Amber’s post below). 405 more words


Women Rock!!" No Sweat Pants Allowed-Wine Club" by Jan Romes

First off “I Loved This Book!!! The characters Elaina Samuels ( Fitness Gym Owner), Tawny Westerfield (Nurse extraordinaire), Stephanie Mathews ( Office work), Grace Cordray ( Bank Teller), are superb woman. 233 more words

Book Review


Dear Bitchy Cheerleaders,

I’m trying to write scenes in which my characters actually have conversations, but dear Lord, whenever they open their mouths they sound stilted as hell. 586 more words