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Panama Papers: Europe's big five urges countries to share info on offshore accounts

MADRID – The European Union’s five biggest economies, including Germany and Britain, have agreed to share information on company ownership and are urging other nations to do the same to make it harder for criminals and tax cheats to avoid the law. 662 more words


Canada stepping up fight against tax evasion in wake of Panama Papers

WASHINGTON – The Canadian government plans to fight against tax evasion, both abroad at an international summit and at home in co-operation with the provinces. 139 more words


Germany's Schaeuble urges global push to fight tax cheats


© AFP/File | German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, pictured on March 23, 2016, has drafted a 10-point plan to clamp down on tax havens… 328 more words

Obama makes case for gov access to all digital devices to prevent terrorism and tax cheats — RT USA

Source: RT

Without mentioning the government’s case against Apple directly, President Barack Obama told a Texas audience that mobile devices should be built such a way that the government can access them in order to prevent a terrorist attack or enforce tax laws. 420 more words

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GE Healthcare: US healthcare giant makes fortune from NHS but pays hardly a penny in tax

GE division makes millions in sales to health service, and is net beneficiary from UK Exchequer… 208 more words


@Tim_Cook, #Apple nailed for $350 million in Italian tax evasion case

Apple has agreed to pay Italy about $350 million in taxes for several past years, prosecutors said Wednesday, part of a broader European effort to make multinationals pay what they owe in each country where they do business. 184 more words

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