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It's not the police but it can collect your fingerprints. What is it? The CRA

Did you know the Canada Revenue Agency can collect your fingerprints? Neither did the rest of us.

The agency had been fingeprinting some Canadians charged with tax evasion on ad-hoc basis for a long time. 857 more words


Tax cheats – HMRC’s criminal case highlights of 2016

HMRC have revealed their top ten most significant fraud and organised crime cases of the last year.

Simon York, Director of HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service, said: 64 more words


U.S. Supreme Court rejects Dow over $1 billion tax deduction claim

Source: reuters.com 09.01.2017

On January 9th 2017 the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Dow Chemical Co’s bid to revive its claim to more than $1 billion in tax deductions based on partnerships the company entered into, that lower courts said were created primarily to avoid tax liability and had no legitimate business purpose. 69 more words


HMRC’s criminal case highlights of 2016

Source: HMRC Press Release 7th January 2017

HM Revenue and Customs has revealed its top ten most significant fraud and organised crime cases of 2016. 82 more words


Jean-Claude Juncker blocked EU curbs on tax avoidance

Source: theguardian.com 1 January 2017

The president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, spent years in his previous role as Luxembourg’s prime minister secretly blocking EU efforts to tackle tax avoidance by multinational corporations, leaked documents reveal. 64 more words


Eclipse film investors face financial ruin for UK tax dodging

Source: bbc.co.uk 19 November 2016

HMRC is pursuing investors in the Eclipse scheme, including celebrities, financiers and sports stars, for up to 20 times their original investment. 58 more words


Bahamas Leaks: New revelations about Canadian ties to tax haven

More details about the secret offshore holdings of Canadians have allegedly been revealed in a new trove of leaked documents from the same group of media outlets that released the so-called… 485 more words