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Critics warn feds on consequences of tightening income tax amnesty program

OTTAWA – Within weeks, Ottawa is expected to unveil proposed restrictions to an income tax amnesty program that has raked in millions for federal coffers, but experts are warning the government to tread carefully so that the changes don’t siphon off the revenue flow. 638 more words


"Diageo told to pay £107m in extra tax" in UK profits row

Source: bbc.co.uk 10th May 2017

“Diageo has been ordered to pay £107m by the UK tax authority as part of a long-running investigation into moving profit between its global businesses. 57 more words


GOOGLE, Apple and Microsoft are among seven multinationals facing substantial tax bills from the ATO

Source: news.com.au, 7 April 2107

GOOGLE, Apple and Microsoft are among seven multinationals being hit with substantial tax bills by the Australian Taxation Office. Earlier this month the ATO said it has served the companies with a combined $2.9 billion of liabilities. 128 more words


Why the CRA waives penalties on many Canadians who admit they didn't pay taxes

Did you “forget” to pay your taxes last year?

Perhaps you really forgot — or perhaps you didn’t. But whether you made a mistake or cheated the taxman, there are steps you can take to come clean and avoid some of the serious consequences that would normally apply. 1,218 more words


It's not the police but it can collect your fingerprints. What is it? The CRA

Did you know the Canada Revenue Agency can collect your fingerprints? Neither did the rest of us.

The agency had been fingeprinting some Canadians charged with tax evasion on ad-hoc basis for a long time. 857 more words


Tax cheats – HMRC’s criminal case highlights of 2016

HMRC have revealed their top ten most significant fraud and organised crime cases of the last year.

Simon York, Director of HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service, said: 64 more words


U.S. Supreme Court rejects Dow over $1 billion tax deduction claim

Source: reuters.com 09.01.2017

On January 9th 2017 the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Dow Chemical Co’s bid to revive its claim to more than $1 billion in tax deductions based on partnerships the company entered into, that lower courts said were created primarily to avoid tax liability and had no legitimate business purpose. 69 more words