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The Most Persuasive Argument for Slashing the Corporate Tax Rate

What’s the best argument for reducing the onerous 35 percent corporate tax rate in the United States?

  • 1. Should the rate be lowered because it’s embarrassing that America has the…
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The Continuing Revenge of the Laffer Curve

Seven years ago, I wrote about the “Butterfield Effect,” which is a term used to mock clueless journalists.

A former reporter for the New York Times, Fox Butterfield, became a bit of a laughingstock in the 1990s for publishing a series of articles addressing the supposed quandary of how crime rates could be falling during periods when prison populations were expanding.

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Tax Competition, the Burden of Excessive Taxation, and the European Union’s Apple “State Aids” Case

Government subsidies that selectively favor a particular firm or firms may substantially distort competition within an industry, thereby skewing trading terms, reducing efficiency, and harming consumer welfare.  469 more words

Truth On The Market

Connecticut's Metamorphosis from the Nutmeg State to the Taxnut State

To pick the state with the best tax policy, the first step is to identify the ones with no income tax and then look at other variables to determine which one deserves the top ranking. 1,513 more words


Can Corporate Rate Reduction Save the Tax Agenda?

The good news is that the House put together an Obamacare-repeal bill that reduced the fiscal burden of government. The bad news is that the legislation didn’t address the regulations and interventions that… 610 more words

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Based on His Leaked 2005 Tax Data, Donald Trump Should Move to Italy (or the Isle of Man)

The multi-faceted controversy over Donald Trump’s taxes has been rejuvenated by a partial leak of his 2005 tax return.

Interestingly, it appears that Trump pays a lot of tax. 783 more words