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Everything You Need to Know about Tax Competition in One Story

I’m a big fan of tax competition because politicians (i.e., stationary bandits) are far more likely to control their greed (i.e., keep tax burdens reasonable) if they know taxpayers have the ability… 433 more words


Tax Policy and Interstate Migration

Back in April, I chatted with Stuart Varney about how some states were in deep trouble because they were being squeezed by having to finance… 1,067 more words


The Most Uplifting Chart of the 21st Century

Two months ago, I shared some data on private gun ownership in the United States and declared that those numbers generated “The Most Enjoyable Graph of 2018… 751 more words

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Falling Corporate Tax Rates Are Good News for the World's Workers, Consumers, and Shareholders

I generally don’t chortle with joy when I read the Washington Post. This is the newspaper, after all, that often slants the news in ways that irk me. 657 more words


Are the Trump Tax Cuts Working?

Better economic performance is the most important reason to adopt pro-growth reforms such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Even small increases in economic growth – especially… 867 more words

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