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The Fight over "Internet Taxation" Is Really a Proxy for an Important Battle on Whether Government Power Should Be Constrained by Borders

One of the key principles of a free society is that governmental power should be limited by national borders.

Here’s an easy-to-understand example. Gambling is basically illegal (other than… 1,612 more words


Feckless Tories Should Realize They Hold a Very Strong Hand in Brexit Negotiations

If I was a citizen of the United Kingdom, I would have voted to leave the European Union for the simple reason that even a rickety lifeboat is better than a slowly sinking ship. 781 more words


Government Consolidation Rarely Lives Up to Promises

By Matt Kelly

Government consolidation is an often-touted solution to economic and social problems in American cities. Several initiatives to combine local governments  have resulted in… 611 more words

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Restricting the Deduction for State and Local Taxes Is a Big [Expletive Deleted] Deal

During the Obamacare bill-signing ceremony, Vice President Biden had a “hot mic” incident when he was overheard telling Obama that “this is a big f***ing deal.” 1,411 more words

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Nightmare for New York and California: Tax Reform Will Put Added Pressure on High-Tax States

The right kind of tax reform can help people directly and indirectly.

  • They benefit directly if reform reduces their tax burden and gives them more take-home income.
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What's the Best Reason to Support Tax Havens, Protecting Human Rights or Restraining Greedy Politicians?

The late Mancur Olsen was a very accomplished academic economist who described the unfortunate tendency of vote-seeking governments to behave like “stationary bandits,” seeking to extract the maximum amount of money from taxpayers. 810 more words