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News from Molly Scott Cato

Molly writes to say that Greens have revealed the findings of country-by-country data from 26 EU banks which revealed they have been systematically shifting their profits, over-reporting them in places identifiable as tax havens, whilst appearing to under-report them in places where they have major centres of operation. 364 more words

Molly Scott Cato

What Can Regulatory Competition Can Teach About Tax Competition?

from International Financial Law Prof Blog

Critics argue that such competition leads inevitably to a “race to the bottom,” with the result ofreducing tax rates and revenue everywhere.  114 more words

Tax Policy

A Global Tax Cartel Will Hurt the World Economy, Particularly Developing Nations

What’s the best way to generate growth and prosperity for the developing world?

Looking at the incredible economic rise of jurisdictions such as Hong Kong… 705 more words


Europe: Doubling Down on Statism

One would think that Europeans might finally be realizing that an ever-growing welfare state and an ever-rising tax burden are a form of economic suicide. 947 more words


Which States Are Most Drunk on Beer Taxes?

Two years ago, I shared a map looking at how heavily wine was taxed in different states.

What is showed was that you shouldn’t sip your Chardonnay or guzzle your Merlot in Kentucky. 571 more words