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Europe: Doubling Down on Statism

One would think that Europeans might finally be realizing that an ever-growing welfare state and an ever-rising tax burden are a form of economic suicide. 947 more words


OECD Scheme to Boost Taxes on Business Sector Will Hurt Economy and Enable Bigger Government

Citing the work of David Burton and Richard Rahn, I warned last July about the dangerous consequences of allowing governments to create a global tax cartel… 1,502 more words


Which States Are Most Drunk on Beer Taxes?

Two years ago, I shared a map looking at how heavily wine was taxed in different states.

What is showed was that you shouldn’t sip your Chardonnay or guzzle your Merlot in Kentucky. 571 more words


Insight from Austrian School Scholars on Federalism

I wrote just yesterday about new evidence showing that decentralized government is more efficient.

Part of the reason is because local governments are easier for voters to monitor and more likely to reflect the actual preferences of residents. 522 more words


With a Remarkable Display of Transportation Double Dipping, French Civil Servant Earns a Spot in the Bureaucrat Hall of Fame

Economists generally like competition because it promotes economic efficiency, more prosperity, lower prices, and higher wages.

But some types of competition can be misguided.

For instance, Americans used to dominate membership in the… 1,028 more words