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Higher Tax Rates = Fewer Superstar Innovators

I shared some academic research last year showing that top-level inventors are very sensitive to tax policy and that they migrate from high-tax nations to low-tax jurisdictions. 837 more words

Fiscal Policy

France, Yachts, and the Real Victims of Class-Warfare Taxation

Remember John Kerry, the former Secretary of State and Massachusetts Senator, the guy who routinely advocated higher taxes but then made sure to protect his own wealth? 1,166 more words


Bad Federalism Is Better than No Federalism

I don’t like the income tax that’s been imposed by our overlords in Washington. Indeed, I’ve speculated whether October 3 is the worst day of the year… 519 more words


The International Monetary Fund Accidentally Provides Strong Evidence for the Laffer Curve

As a general rule, the International Monetary Fund is a statist organization. Which shouldn’t be too surprising since its key “shareholders” are the world’s major governments. 784 more words


Tax Competition: So Powerful that even Politicians in Left-Wing States Feel Compelled to Cut Taxes for Rich People

Whenever I debate my left-wing friends on tax policy, they routinely assert that taxes don’t matter.


A Developing Country Perspective on the 2017 Review of Irish Tax Law

I write in reference to the call for views globally on the review of the Irish Income Tax Act. I recently looked into Irish tax law and its effects on developing countries with particular focus on Africa. 669 more words