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Tax Havens Promote Economic Prosperity and Protect Human Liberty

I sometimes wonder if I was put on this planet to defend tax competition and tax havens.

I argue for fiscal sovereignty, good tax policy, and financial privacy to the denizens of Capitol Hill, both… 2,152 more words


A False Tax Trilemma

I’m hoping the “Panama Papers” issue will quickly fade from the news (as happened after a similar data theft from BVI in 2013)¬† for the simple reason that even left-leaning reporters will get bored when they discover… 1,196 more words


Panama Papers, Tax Planning, and Political Corruption

I wrote a couple of days ago about the “Panama Papers” issue and touched on the key issues. I explained that this non-scandal scandal is simply another chapter in the never-ending war by high-tax governments against… 1,459 more words

Fiscal Policy

Operation Choke Point, Bank De-Risking, and Obama Administration Coercion

For all his faults, you have to give President Obama credit for strong convictions. He’s generally misguided, but it’s perversely impressive to observe his relentless advocacy for… 889 more words

Tax Competition

Another Attack on Tax Competition: "Panama Papers" Is a Non-Controversy Controversy

Three years ago, thieves stole a bunch of information from “offshore” service providers in the Cook Islands and British Virgin Islands. This was supposed to be a ground-breaking expos√© with huge ramifications, but it turned out to be a tempest in a teapot. 925 more words


Five political lessons of the #PanamaPapers

1.) The size of the problem and why they cheat:
The Panama Papers are hard to quantify given the complexity and size of information. However, they reveal fascinating insights into the reasons for evading and avoiding taxation. 616 more words

Genuine Federalism and Tax Competition for Australia?

Australia is one of my favorite nations, and not just because the people are friendly.

It has a modest-sized government, at least compared to other… 1,361 more words