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Early Retirement and Taxes

(Please note, the terms referred to in the following post applies broadly to Canadian readers.  If you have questions regarding an alternate country, please leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can ask the group of Gentle Readers and Followers to answer your questions.)  931 more words

Early Retirement

IRS News

The latest IRS news is not good news.  If you have ever tried to get the IRS on the telephone BEFORE this year you were lucky when you only had to wait 2 hours – it is going to be much worse this year.   498 more words

Special Interest

IRS Scam

To be absolutely clear, this is a scam involving the IRS name and logo, but NOT the actual IRS!  If you are with the IRS, please don’t misunderstand and put me on your ‘list’ – just kidding, folks – the IRS is after only one thing – all of us taxpayers to just pay our fair share.   468 more words

Special Interest

Our gift to you

Keeping with the holiday theme, we at Brady’s Tax Service would like to give all of our loyal readers a gift – this gift could be worth as much as $800 – so we’re not talking chump change here.   233 more words

Special Interest

Charitable Donations - Don't believe the rumors!

Ok, so i get folks every year who say things like – oh, and don’t forget to put me down for the standard $500 charitable donation on my taxes.  341 more words

Ruminations On Tax

Does your tax preparer work as hard as you do?

Here’s something one of my clients asked me the other day:  Why are you the only tax office that’s open in November?  I thought for a moment and then said; “gosh, I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one who actually cares about their clients” 535 more words

Ruminations On Tax

Starting a new business

If you start a business, you will need to determine the nature of your business entity and among the considerations in choosing a business entity is taxes.   368 more words