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What’s The Difference Between An Actuary And An Accountant?

An accountant looks at your shoes when he talks to you.  An actuary looks at his own shoes when he talks to you.

There is a difference between an actuary and a mathematician, too.  455 more words

Tax Court

Don’t Tell My Clients About This Case

I always tell my clients to keep good records.  Often, I tell them again and again annoyingly.  It is my experience, and I daresay the experience of most other tax practitioners, that a taxpayer’s failure to keep good  books and records will almost always result in a bad experience, if the taxpayer has to tangle with the IRS.  410 more words


Item 10 - Taxpayer Bill Of Rights

by Michael Lodge

Many people who are going under audit or owe the IRS back taxes often feel that they are being abused or bullied by the IRS.   843 more words


Tax Court Judges Have to Play by the Same Rules

This particular news item didn’t attract a lot of attention back in April; not surprising, given all the news about politics, the upcoming NFL draft, and the start of the baseball season.   730 more words


Hey Vance, can I deduct my car expenses?

That’s not an unusual question.  The exchange continues often like this.

Vance:  Do you have contemporaneous records that document (1) the amount of the expense; (2) the time and place of the travel or use; and (3) the business purpose of the expense? 358 more words

Tax Court


I agree with the IRS’ and Tax Court’s interpretation of the law, but Mr. Udeobong sure paid through the nose – twice, to be exact.  I’ll save you the gory details.  485 more words

Tax Court

Your Bank Account And The IRS

by Michael Lodge

Clients come into the office or send me emails regarding the IRS and their bank accounts.  Does the IRS monitor their bank accounts?   1,037 more words