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It sure looks like they’re going to pass that tax increase on the middle class. Oh joy.

I keep hearing that they’re doing it even though they know it’s unpopular. 219 more words

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For some time now, the big news has been centered around the abomination of the “tax reform” bill in Congress, a version of which has already passed the House and which will be coming for a vote quite soon in the Senate. Both versions cut taxes dramatically for the wealthy, increase them for the average worker, and perhaps most importantly, stand to increase our national debt astronomically, which will ultimately lead to the downfall of our economy. Just today it is reported that John McCain will vote for this bill. Blogger-friend Kevin Brennan has written a short, sweet and to-the-point piece that I encourage you to read, then get on the phone, send that email, in one last ditch effort to ensure your Senator that he or she will lose your support if they vote for the bill. Thank you, Kevin, for your work and permission to share!

From Bruce Bartlett: Tax Cuts Don’t Work

One Of The Designers Of The Gospel Of Tax Cuts Says: It Is Hogwash

(25 minutes total for both videos)

At the national level, we are about to head into a major debate on the budget. 1,084 more words

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Trump Budget - Slashing the Safety Net

What does Trump’s budget do to the social programs needed to protect people. Trump is bleeding us dry.

In order to pay for his $600 Billion dollar tax cuts for the rich, his useless border wall, the school voucher programs designed to destroy public schools, and unnecessary increases in the defense budget, Trump’s budget made cuts into just about every federal agency which actually helps and protects American citizens. 1,367 more words