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Do You Make Money In A Sleazy Way?

From the bible of Vulture Capitalism, chapter 966, titled, “Vilification Scam” it was written that the greatest version of being a Vulture Capitalist is concealing your sleaziness by vilifying others. 202 more words

Income Equality

House GOP Lowers Taxes On The Rich


Surprise surprise.  The House GOP, largely incapable of passing any legislation did manageto pass a tax cut on Friday.  Guess who it helps? 152 more words

House Republicans


The multiplier effect is one of the big bonuses of using fiscal policy in lieu of monetary policy to grow the economy.   The multiplier effect is complicated and its size is affected by a number of variables.  663 more words

Political Economics

How Much Will It Cost You If the Bush Tax Cuts End? About $5,700

Every time I hear a lame-brained liberal claim that the Bush tax cuts were only for the wealth, I want to punch them in the mouth. 261 more words

Political Issues

Adviser Admits Romney’s Tax Plan Would Redistribute Wealth

Thanks to Frank Luntz, the GOP’s “go to guy” for political strategy and “word play”, once again the GOP has succeeded in blaming Democrats…in particular, Barack Obama of socialism because he wants to “redistribute the wealth”.   754 more words

United States

The Bush Tax Cuts Are Just Bad Policy

The upcoming election should help settle some of the debate in Washington, but one issue that will not be resolved November 6th, is what is known as the fiscal cliff. 689 more words