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Make It Fair - time to tackle Tax Dodging

Well, we’ve come a long way. Tax is making great progress along its pathway of rehabilitation back into society. To be sure, austerity has focused our minds. 935 more words

What's behind the surge in poverty porn? We are

It was nearly 2,000 years ago that the Roman poet Juvenal coined the phrase ‘bread and circuses’ to satirise the politics of his day.

In the years since, the words have come to describe the sort of crowd-pleasing distractions that are used to preoccupy proles while the societal scenery collapses. 578 more words

Holy Habits #4 - Living in the World

This week’s Holy Habit is Living in the World – that is speaking up about issues of injustice in the world.

Why bother? 

Because God desires a world which is just. 285 more words


NHS Tax Dodgers 'Sacked'

The NHS has sacked 79 bureaucrats after a government probe into tax-dodging.

The Treasury have revealed today that the suspects who were employed in 2013 – 2014 could not prove they were “meeting their tax obligations”. 137 more words


The Private Finance Initiative (PFI): a brief history and a financial dissection


PFI is a way of providing major infrastructure projects by borrowing from the private sector not the public sector. Since the early 19th century, public bodies have been able to borrow cheaply from the government at low rates of interest… 2,955 more words


God and Money - Rob’s Blog

Rob’s Blog – God and Money was first shown at Cafe Sundae in April 2008.

With the the media currently full of stories about money – like HSBC and tax dodging scandals, it seemed a good time to dig out this blog from Cafe Sundae about God and Money from April 2008. 154 more words