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The Private Finance Initiative (PFI): a brief history and a financial dissection


PFI is a way of providing major infrastructure projects by borrowing from the private sector not the public sector. Since the early 19th century, public bodies have been able to borrow cheaply from the government at low rates of interest… 2,930 more words


God and Money - Rob’s Blog

Rob’s Blog – God and Money was first shown at Cafe Sundae in April 2008.

With the the media currently full of stories about money – like HSBC and tax dodging scandals, it seemed a good time to dig out this blog from Cafe Sundae about God and Money from April 2008. 154 more words


The UK Gold

Now is the time to reveal the revolving doors between government and the City that has bred lies and corruption for so long, siphoning money through our tax havens for the global super rich, while now preaching that we the people must pay our taxes and suffer austerity. 323 more words

UK Uncut

Tax Dodging

Over the past couple of weeks my inbox has been dominated by local people who are concerned about tax dodging – primarily by the richest group in the Country – wanting to know where I stand and what the Green Party are doing about it. 785 more words


Joel Benjamin connects HSBC tax-dodging activities and its role in the PFI taxpayer rip-off

In a detailed analysis for Max Keiser’s Financial War ReportsJoel Benjamin joins up the dots connecting HSBC’s tax-dodging activities to its major role in PFI in the UK and the syphoning off of millions into the bank’s off-shore holding companies. 336 more words


Prosecute the HSBC tax dodgers - Richard Fuller responds

FROM 38 Degrees Why don’t tax-dodgers ever go to jail? HSBC has been caught helping the richest people in Britain dodge £millions in tax. There’s been the usual media fuss and hand-wringing from politicians. 442 more words


Tax Dodging, is costing us £70 Billion a year, we need action not words

Sue MacFarlane Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Derbyshire writes…

I have received a number of messages in the last few days from electors expressing concern about the latest tax scandals involving HSBC. 610 more words

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