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Tax Plan Disagreement Disappoints Governor

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he’s disappointed in the state’s largest business organization after it issued a report critical of a proposed tax increase. 130 more words


America, Disneyland for the Con Artists

The other day my boss and I got into a heated debate about politics.  I later felt bad because I stressed him out pretty good, which was in addition to the heavy stress from his position.  1,172 more words


BRIAN REARDON And TOM NICHOLS: Tax Reform Should Go Right Down Main Street

Wall Street Journal: Large firms need relief, but smaller enterprises vital to the economy are often hit even harder.

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama will add steep increases in capital-gains and death taxes to his wish list of reforms designed to help the “middle class.” In reality, however, such steps would hurt the middle class by increasing the already heavy tax burden of many employers…



State’s Still Relying on the Fed for Revenue

Using the most recent data available, the online tax research organization, Tax Foundation finds nearly a third of all state revenue is still provided by the federal government in 2012. 143 more words


State Inflation-Indexing of Gasoline Taxes

State Inflation-Indexing of Gasoline Taxes
Source: Tax Foundation

We’ve been asked which states adjust their gasoline tax for inflation. Most states (and the federal government) define their gas tax in so many cents per gallon, which can make a difference as time passes and inflation erodes the purchasing power of that tax rate.

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