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Marriage Penalty, Local Taxes On Businesses Hurting Virginia's Reputation As Low-Tax State

Virginia has a reputation as a state with low taxes and a friendly business environment. A new study challenges that reputation, however. Michael Pope reports. 7 more words

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Achieving Permanent, Revenue Neutral, Pro-Growth Tax Reform

As Congress turns its attention to tax reform, there is a clear bipartisan consensus on the fundamental principles to employ, see here, here253 more words

Jack Heidel

Mapping How U.S. States Pay for Roads

Some states shoulder the lion’s share of state and local road costs; others lean on Uncle Sam.

With fuel-efficient vehicles and inflation on the rise,  72 more words

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Another Ballot Battle in Oregon is Brewing: Initiative Petition 27

The Joint Committee on Tax Reform continues to meet in Oregon, even though it’s facing strong headwinds. Republicans seem unlikely to support any gross receipts tax proposal in the legislature during this session without significant pension reform and other cost containment measures. 40 more words

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Oregon’s “Kicker” Kicks the State While It’s Down

Oregon is facing a budget shortfall of $1.4 billion or more in the coming biennium, but here’s the kicker (literally): Oregonians are likely to get a tax refund designed for when the state experiences an unexpected revenue windfall. 13 more words

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Trump’s tax reform:
–individual rates 10, 25 and 35%
–childcare tax credit
–15% business rate
-repeal death tax
-repeal AMT

The reason for why the republicans have been covering for their standard bearer, President Donald Trump is so that they can have a real chance to pass the biggest corporate tax cut that would be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity. 1,336 more words