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SD in the News: Retirees, Business Tax Climate, & Raising a Family

How is it already November? Why is Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK!? We won’t be digging into the scintillating topic of where the year 2015 has gone, but we are going to look at some great rankings and press on South Dakota. 185 more words


Don't compound Iowa tax inequity

The first report by a self-proclaimed conservative think tank in Iowa is getting some attention today, and reviving dubious ideas about taxes.

First, we applaud the recognition from Engage Iowa that… 405 more words


Dynamic scoring, sobering results: More on the Tax Foundation’s analysis of GOP candidates’ tax plans

By Matthew E. Milliken
Nov. 14, 2015

Recently, I performed some sophisticated data crunching on a Tax Foundation analysis of the tax-reform plans of seven Republican presidential candidates. 920 more words


Deficits as far as the eye can see: An overview of the Republican presidential candidates’ tax plans

By Matthew E. Milliken
Nov. 11, 2015

Last month, I examined a common theme in the tax reform plans of seemingly every Republican presidential candidate: The notion that, as… 673 more words


A Much Better Way to do Tax Reform

My last two posts, here and here, have pointed out the folly of the tax plans of the presidential candidates from both parties:

  • The Republican plans would stimulate the economy but at a cost of huge increases in the national debt, even using dynamic scoring to take into account the growth effects of these plans.
  • 247 more words
Jack Heidel

Federal Tax Code and Regulations Now Exceed 10 Million Words in Length 

In 1955, the federal tax code and regulations together totaled 1.4 million words. Since then, the combined length has increased more than seven fold, growing at a pace of 144,500 words per year. 315 more words

Donald Trump and His BS Tax Plan

Donald Trump finally rolled out his Tax Plan and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that much like everything Trump, it’s full of shit!

To be honest, this guy Trump ALMOST got me with his BS. 180 more words