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One-third of Americans are ready to ditch the country : Fortune Magazine

Millennials are the most likely to want to pick up and go.

While your local neighborhood may be festooned in red, white and blue ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, a good portion of your friendly neighbors may be secretly pining to move their lives abroad. 1,448 more words

Tax Strategy

Perhaps We Are All Greeks at Heart

You might say that Greece has a tax problem. The country is perilously close to being thrown out of the European Union because it has serially defaulted on loans from partners in the EU. 756 more words

Become The Keeper Of Your Own Future - Here's Your Wealth Pathway

Thinking about taking action isn’t going to create wealth.

Reading this blog without taking action to create your International Business Corporation, using tax havens to reduce your tax burden – does not create wealth. 547 more words

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Juncker’s hidden hand? EU tax haven blacklist omits Luxembourg

Tax Justice Network reports:

‘We have often remarked how international tax haven blacklists generally reflect the political powers and influence of nation states; as a result they tend to include ‘minnows’ but not the big fish. 118 more words


Walmart hid $76bn of assets in foreign tax havens, new study claims

Rupert Neate reports for The Guardian:

‘Walmart hid $76bn of assets in tax havens across the world, including $64.2bn managed by 22 different subsidiaries in… 196 more words


Walmart - master of tax avoidance

Walmart is the second biggest employer in the world (after army of China). Walmart is one of the most active multinational-companies lobbying for TTIP (EU-USA trade agreement) and TPP (Trans-Pasific partnership between USA and Pacific countries). 50 more words


Tax haven this, tax avoidance that; is offshore finance such a big deal?

Yes: that is the answer to the title of this piece – offshore finance is a big deal. My somewhat optimistic hope is that by the end of this writing we will be in harmonious agreement that tax avoidance, in a democratic society, can never be condoned. 9,420 more words