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The Sickening Waste that is Professional Sport.

Consider this: the amount payed to the players at Manchester’s 2 Premier League clubs is roughly the same as the total wage and salary bill of that city’s 6 hospitals… 582 more words

Saturday Sound-off

Do you wanna build a (micro)nation?

I’m sure you have, and I know I have. Hell, I remember putting out ideas for a new nation in the 6th grade. Then there was this cute song that got me into La Oreja de Van Gogh called < 141 more words

Tories hinder EU in creating tax-haven blacklist

The British government, it appears, has been trying to block EU attempts to place some of the UK’s off-shore territories on an EU blacklist of tax havens. 19 more words


We're #2!

According to the Tax Justice Network, the United States ranks second in the 2018 Financial Secrecy Index. This is based on a secrecy score of 59.8, which is practically unchanged from 2015. 432 more words

Offshore Tax Havens: Whose Fight Is It Anyway?

By the end of 2017, offshore tax havens were (again) in the spotlight. This was largely thanks to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which helped release the… 706 more words


Watch out, Switzerland. The US is now the world's number two tax haven

US senator Sheldon Whitehouse didn’t hold back when talking about America’s role as laundering the world’s dirty money on Tuesday, Feb 6. “Our European partners are doing their part to combat crime facilitated by shell corporations. 511 more words

U.S. Passes Cayman Islands to Become the 2nd Biggest Tax Haven

Doing more for the tax avoidance of the super rich isn’t something to be proud of. There’s also legislation already drafted that would end anonymous U.S. 417 more words