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Netherlands and UK are Biggest Channels for Corporate Tax Avoidance

The Netherlands and U.K. account for almost 40% of corporate and investment tax havens for companies throughout the world. Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) avoid paying roughly $49 billion-$205 billion of taxes in the E.U. 121 more words


Foreign trusts flee New Zealand

A year ago a political storm erupted over a company based in Panama and a huge release of potentially explosive papers. Their scope was vast. Their contents muddy. 507 more words


An Organised System of Unethical Taxation, Poverty and Inequality


If we wish to live in so-called ‘progressive societies’ – where we all have some form of access to health provision, welfare, public services, and good infrastructure – I doubt that anyone would disagree that most, if not all of us, should pay some form tax. 1,008 more words


US lawmakers' new tactic to finally crack down on secretive shell companies: link them to Russia

Today US lawmakers will try once more to bring their country in line with the rest of the Western world on an age-old problem: money-laundering. Five members of Congress from both parties will announce bills in the House and Senate that would force American firms to disclose who actually owns them. 1,038 more words

Why do people evade taxes?

A much talked-about recent paper by economists Annette Alstadsæter, Niels Johannesen and Gabriel Zucman has re-ignited popular attention to tax evasion and inequality.

While discussion of reliability and methodology have prevailed in some corners of social media, the broader questions raised by the fascinating new study should remain at the fore: Why do people evade taxes? 2,428 more words

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Ten days to stop Jeremy Hunt: Day 7 – One way direction for privatisation

Jeremy Hunt:     “Well, I don’t support privatisation of the NHS.” Haslemere Hustings, 19th May 2017

Fact: The Department of Health’s own figures show that… 669 more words

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