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Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies Most Active At Tax Havens

It is probably one of the most open secrets after the many tax scandals which include the recent panama paper. Major transnational and multi national companies are as compliant as we normal citizens in terms of paying tax (surprise surprise!). 252 more words

Investment Infographic

Truvest, Anchor Trustees, and a dodgy Brazilian or two

Anchor Trustees is at the heart of the trust industry in New Zealand, and have been around since 1996. Their website states that they were pivotal in introducing STEP into New Zealand, which is an international organisation that apparently has professional standards. 745 more words

Trudeau not serious about cracking down on tax havens!

After the Panama Papers were published,  this is what Trudeau said:

“One of the things that we’ve seen around the world, and not just with the Panama Papers, but with the various concerns about the one per cent or the 0.1 per cent (of the wealthiest) not paying their fair share, is that there is an increasing desire for transparency and accountability and making sure that everyone is participating to a fair degree.” 681 more words

Tax Fairness

Two more dodgy Panamanian law firms and their New Zealand companies

This post is a follow up to the previous one, but takes us into new territory. Well, mostly the same territory, Panama and New Zealand, with an interesting African link. 773 more words