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Irrefutable Truth: There is no such thing as public money - Margaret Thatcher (1983)

At a time when money is flung about with abandon by government,especially in NZ at the current time, this clip of the Iron Lady seemed most appropriate

Dilkens says mayoral challenger part of Canderel 'mess'

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens was in fighting form Friday, jabbing at opponent Matt Marchand for past city initiatives linked to him and landing a political blow or two with references to reduced debt and taxpayer savings during Dilkens’ own term in office. 658 more words

Local News

Taxing College Endowments

Here in Massachusetts, Democratic candidate for governor Jay Gonzalez proposed taxing college and university endowments exceeding $1 billion. This position is brewing backlash from many in higher education who see the proposal as unfair to schools who use these endowments for financial aid and scholarships. 200 more words

Why the Great Recession Lasted So Long

From 2009 through 2016, Republicans opposed Obama’s tax cuts and spending policies that would have stimulated the economy enough to roar into strong growth and reduce unemployment. 49 more words


You can't make people pay taxes in your Province - You need to persuade them

I’m forever struck by the stupidity and irrationality of politicians.  Consider today’s example, François Legault, leader of Québec’s Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), commenting on the decision of Canadian tennis star Eugénie Bouchard to become a resident of the Bahamas… 564 more words


When Fascists Flirt

Bernie Sanders, self-labeled as an Independent, but based on this article (h/t Vermont Digger) might find himself on the unhappy side of the Antifa movement, recently suggested that the USG specifically tax Jeff Bezos’ Amazon company in order to pay for federal benefits programs… 763 more words