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Tax Reform 101: 5 Reasons You Should Start Planning for Next Year Now

Even if you didn’t owe money this past tax season it’s more important than ever to plan for next tax season now. The idea of tax planning isn’t anything new, but with so many… 810 more words

General Tax Tips

Sisters Talking On...Social Security solvency

Point for Discussion

People expect Social Security to be there for them when they retire.  They’ve paid into it for years, along with increasing income tax rates, increasing income caps, and raising the full retirement age – all with the promise that we’ll receive income to help in retirement years in exchange for allowing the government to use these tax dollars for decades.  1,819 more words

Fighting Between Function and Form

I’ve been coding the engine part time for a few weeks now. It takes the form of a python library that I import and then can form financial models easily around. 786 more words


How tax brackets work

Being in the 24% tax bracket doesn’t mean you pay 24% on everything you make.

The progressive tax system means that people with higher taxable incomes are subject to higher tax rates, and people with lower taxable incomes are subject to lower tax rates. 273 more words


What Were The Actual 2018 Tax Changes?

Q: There was so much talk about the proposed changes to the tax code. Now that the changes have finally been signed into law, I’m wondering which planned modifications actually became a reality. 897 more words

Cities Pitching Diversity In Efforts To Lure Businesses

(AP) – Some cities and regions are highlighting racial diversity along with positive business climates, competitive tax rates and available land in pitches to lure tech companies and high-paying jobs to town. 766 more words


Will Companies Compete Away the Tax Cut's Bounty?

Amid the euphoria over tax reform from CEOs and Wall Street, virtually no one is asking a sobering question: Will competition between businesses erode or erase the early benefits from the steep reduction in the corporate tax rate? 812 more words