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4 things that await a certified public accountant

Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Boy does that sound nice, especially after all the effort it took to receive your license.  It probably took many long nights and social sacrifices.   811 more words

Adam Greene CPA

... the Clintonoids made a Serious Mistake [#Clinton Foundation tax returns]...

.. the I.R.S. will allow for some errors . Not for major errors ..

.. gifts from US government entities are countable as government grants . 133 more words

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Who is "JH McCollom"

In my research I can’t help but notice that there are several families in Wayne County, Kentucky and Putnam County, Missouri that seem to have formed a close-knit group that lived in close proximity to each other and surely interacted in various ways. 662 more words


How about some quid pro quo?

Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats keep pounding on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to produce his income-tax records.

Trump and his campaign coordinators have responded numerous times that The Donald’s tax returns are undergoing a federal audit, and that he will disclose his income tax information when the audit is complete. 121 more words

The Town Register - Oxford, Hebron and Minot - 1906

The Town Register – Oxford, Hebron and Minot – 1906

Subject/Category:  History of Oxford, Hebron & Minot including town officials, the names of local citizens, list of soldiers, “professional men”, “patrons of husbandry” and more.   205 more words

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Continuing Adventures of Neighborhood Land Search Part 2

I’ve finished reading through vol. N online, but haven’t platted more deeds since then.  Instead, I looked through what deeds I’ve found including those from my visit to my local Family History Center and looked through what tracts I’m missing by using the spreadsheet I’ve created of people enumerated in the 1870 Hardeman County, TN census. 407 more words