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The importance of maintaining good tax records

Keeping your tax records organized year-round is a good practice and will keep you from hastily assembling your documents for your annual tax preparation appointment. If you are diligent about maintaining your tax records, you won’t have to worry about losing a valuable deduction because you forgot to list expenses on your return, or having unsubstantiated items disallowed in the event of an audit. 59 more words


Farm horse tax records for 1797

I’ve added a transcript of the farm horse tax list for Coldingham parish in 1797. It includes the names of 88 owners and their addresses (many farms, and smaller locations), and the number of horses each used for husbandry or trade that were thus liable for tax. 46 more words

Tax Records

Step- by – Step Property Research

When researching property information, follow these steps to ascertain the possibility of the house being an actual deal. Time Block your daily research times. Time Blocking helps you to get things done. 158 more words


Tax records – What you should keep

It’s that time of year when you are getting ready to sort out last year’s financial records and prepare for this year’s recordkeeping. Do you know what you should keep and what can you throw away? 161 more words


February 3rd

Today I extracted a computer mouse that had been flushed down the toilet. The USB cord had been carefully tied around the seat, which while confusing, was appreciated, otherwise it might have blocked the whole piping system. 300 more words

Email #29, Subject: Please audit the President-elect

I remain disturbed by President-elect Trump’s network of business interests and how they influence his decisions. President Carter sold his farm when he moved to the White House in order to reassure voters. 178 more words

Bob Goodlatte

How Did You Find All That Stuff?

Cedar Hill, TX.  I received that question from a friend after he thanked me profusely for the 200-page family history I’d just handed him.  I’ll have to admit, it was quite impressive, especially for a family that I had known nothing about when I started. 821 more words