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Buy-to-let tax relief changes -what does it mean?

It seems the wonderful Government are hell bent on squeezing every penny they can from the buy-to-let sector. After the Budget announced that all tax relief on buy-to-let mortgage interest payments would be slashed, (to be phased in from April 2017) and then in the Autumn Budget, they added an extra 3% stamp duty on all buy-to-let properties and second home purchases over £40,000. 472 more words


Pension Season

In the Irish context, all self-employed people have an obligation to get their tax returns in by the end of October. This can be a very stressful, pressurised time for many small business owners around the country. 845 more words


Incentives for start-ups: expansion and diversification of crowdfunding

In April 2015, the government presented a tax shelter plan for the digital economy.

The final tax shelter plan provides that investments in new shares of start-ups will, if certain conditions are met, be eligible for a tax relief of 30% (SME) or 45% (micro company). 235 more words


Are you making the most of tax free benefits?

Have you considered giving your employees or yourself benefits in kind that are tax free, here are some to choose from:

  1. Pensions – Up to £40k can be paid in to your pension scheme by your employer (2015/16)  and you can use carry forward to pay in even more…
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Louisiana storm victims get tax relief

Victims of the August storms and floods in Louisiana have until January 17, 2017, to file individual and business tax returns with due dates on or after August 11, 2016. 41 more words

Whatever happened to the reform of pension tax relief?

The Government’s plans to resolve the injustices of the Pension Tax Relief system appear to have been ditched. Announced in the budget of 2015, expected in that year’s autumn statement and postponed in the months running up to this year’s budge, they now appear a casualty of BREXIT. 474 more words


Tax-subsidies on retirement advice; a waste of public funds!

The Government intends to extend tax breaks on pensions to allow those with pension pots to use them to pay for advice. The details are… 1,078 more words