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Tax relief on UCU membership subscriptions

UCU members are entitled to claim tax relief on membership payments. Follow this link for more details from the UCU website: https://ucu.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/469/

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Student Accommodation – the challenges, costs and opportunities

The summer months present a series of challenges for parents of college bound children. There is the pressure of the examinations in June followed by the tense wait for the CAO results in August. 466 more words

Tips for renting out a room in your home

As austerity kicks in, more and more households are considering renting out a room in their own home to make ends meet. http://www.Getdigs.ie conducted a recent survey which indicated that 28% of all Homeowners would consider renting out a room in their own home. 622 more words

IRS Changes Rules of Offer in Compromises

Since 2012 the IRS was a lot more ready to compromise taxpayers with overwhelming tax debt in contrast to earlier decade. IRC §7122 empowers the IRS to accept offers in compromise control of tax responsibilities for under the entire outstanding tax obligations. 794 more words