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Democrats: Tax Day Spotlights Michigan's Middle Class Squeeze

Republican tax shift making life harder on Michigan middle class and working families

LANSING – Today, Michigan Democrats marked Tax Day by taking aim at policies that are making it harder for people in Michigan to get into or stay in the middle class.  394 more words


How does s455 tax apply to Directors Loans? what if you 'bed and breakfast' the loan?

Directors (participators in a closed company) often borrow money from their companies with the intention of paying a dividend to repay the loan.

If the loan is outstanding more than 9 months after the company year end, then an extra 25% corporation tax charge is due, this is the s455 tax which is refunded when the loan is repaid as explained in this blog… 186 more words

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How does Principle Private Residence Relief work?

Principle Private Residence Relief (PPR) is useful relief that saves you capital gains tax (18% for basic rate tax payers and 28% for higher rates tax payers) on your main residence, but how does it work, lets take a basic example… 240 more words

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Oxfam's war on tax dodgers

Instinctively you reach to support Oxfam’s proposals for a bill which:

  • Makes it harder for big companies to dodge UK taxes and ensure they’re not getting unfair tax breaks…
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Md. Governor Releases Supplemental Budget With Tax Relief

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has released a supplemental budget that includes money for some tax-relief plans he is supporting.

The plan made public Thursday includes $5.2 million to provide tax relief on military pensions and relief for first responders. 96 more words


Tax Offsets to Pay Your Back Taxes and Other Debts

Written by Joseph M. Callahan, Esq.

The IRS released a new tax tip today that I thought was worth passing on.  It relates to tax refund offsets and certain federal or state debts. 257 more words


Hello Taxes; It's Me, Joe!

Written by Joseph M. Callahan, Esq.

This is my first blog post.  As the title suggests, it’s intended to deal with all things taxes (with occasional digressions into other matters) from the perspective of a New York Tax Attorney. 122 more words