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Tax Exemption and Breaks for Veterans

U.S. Lawmakers have given some Tax Benefits and Deductions to Veterans. To know more have a look at this ppt.

Tax Tips

Celebrate Armed Forces Day with These 4 Military Savings Tips

To our members of the U.S. military: We appreciate all that you do serving our country. Today, in honor of Armed Forces Day, we share some… 410 more words

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You received a letter from the IRS, What to do next?

Step to be taken and things to keep in mind when you receive a letter from the IRS.

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9 things you should know about the IRS Form 1099

IRS Form 1099 is a tax forms that report information about certain types of income. There are many different categories of Form 1099 like 1099-C, 1099-G, 1099-INT etc

Tax Tips

6 Tips to Help You Plan for Next Tax Season Now

April 15th has come and gone! So wait, why should you still care about your taxes?

Believe it or not, your 2015 taxes – the ones you file in 2016 – are already underway. 462 more words

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TAX TIPS: 6 Reasons to file your Self Assessment early!

The Self Assessment is  necessary evil of the business world – you know it needs doing, but you put it off again and again, hoping that somehow it’ll do itself. 841 more words