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Did You Owe Taxes in Two States This Season? We Explain Why

For the longest time, I thought I only had to pay taxes based on where I lived. If I spent the whole year in Maryland, I’d only owe Maryland taxes, right? 727 more words

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5 Family Vacation Planning Tips

Even though the summer season isn’t officially here, we’ve already had some fun at the beach. Last month, we had a nice getaway at Wilmington and got to hang by the water without a big crowd. 464 more words

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Do You Know These 6 Tax Facts?

Tax Day is almost here! Did you file your taxes early or are you waiting for that last weekend? For those procrastinators out there: get started now… 882 more words

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Tax Tips for "The Sharing Economy"

How we perform our daily tasks and interact with one another is constantly changing. Many entrepreneurs and companies have been able to capitalize on these technology-driven opportunities, and have created a movement around sharing instead of owning. 426 more words

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What Does an IPO Mean for Employee Taxes?

Snapchat (SNAP) went pubic today with its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange. An IPO is a big moment for many stakeholders in a company, including its own employees. 289 more words

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La llegada de la W-2: Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre los formularios de impuestos

Si estuviste empleado durante el 2016, muy pronto deberás recibir el formulario W-2 (oficialmente conocido como Comprobante de Salario e Impuestos) de tu empleador, ya que los empleadores deben enviarlas antes del 31 de enero de 2017. 615 more words

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