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I Completed 30 Rideshares This Year. Am I Considered Self-Employed?

Driving for a rideshare company can be a great way to earn some side income, and for many, this was their first year making income in the industry. 575 more words

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W-4 Withholding and Tax Reform

On December 22, the President signed the tax reform bill into law, but it’s important to keep in mind that for most people, the bill does not affect their taxes for 2017 (the ones they file in 2018). 538 more words

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IRS Provides Guidance on the Taxation of Bitcoins and Virtual Currency

Recently, there has been a sharp rise in digital currency trading and if you are new to trading virtual digital currency you may be wondering what this means for your tax situation. 488 more words

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Happy First Day of Autumn: How to Not "Fall" Behind on Your Tax Preparation

When we started filing our taxes, it felt overwhelming. However each year we try to learn and adjust our system, especially since I’m self-employed. It’s not a cake walk, but we feel more prepared and confident getting our taxes done. 524 more words

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8 Organizational Apps to Get You Ready for the New School Year

With the new school year approaching (and some places already started!), it’s time to make a mental shift and get back into college mode. Between the multiple overlapping deadlines for papers, prepping for huge exams, and setting up a meeting with lab and project partners, it’s easy to miss some key assignments. 364 more words

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Did You Owe Taxes in Two States This Season? We Explain Why

For the longest time, I thought I only had to pay taxes based on where I lived. If I spent the whole year in Maryland, I’d only owe Maryland taxes, right? 727 more words

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5 Family Vacation Planning Tips

Even though the summer season isn’t officially here, we’ve already had some fun at the beach. Last month, we had a nice getaway at Wilmington and got to hang by the water without a big crowd. 464 more words

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