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Use tax breaks you’re entitled to – The Denver Post

By Carole Feldman, The Associated Press Donald Trump’s acknowledgement last fall that he had not paid federal income tax in years left some questioning why they should have to pay…


Chief GOP tax writer sees ‘bad things’ for US companies if a controversial reform provision gets axed

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady on CNBC Friday warned that cutting the “border adjustment” measure in the overall Republican corporate tax reform plan would…



Menurut laporan juruaudit agung tahunan ini, kerajaan hilang wang setiap tahun kerana ketirisan. Apakah jaminan bahawa hasil GST tidak akan dikendalikan mengikut nasib yang sama? … 10 more words



Perniagaan di Malaysia adalah baik dan membuat keuntungan besar jadi mengapa kadar cukai korporat mereka sedang dikurangkan?

Ini adalah salah satu strategi kerajaan untuk meningkatkan daya saing dan menggalakkan pelabur asing kekal di Malaysia. 13 more words


#Budget2017 Why we need a Robin Hood now?

#Budget2017 Why we need a Robin Hood now?
January 22,2017

As I saw pictures of Halwa ceremony for preparation of budget document on twitter, I wanted to tweet “I avoid sugar intake for fitness”. 353 more words


Don't expect dramatic policy changes in Trump's first year

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

    With the inauguration of the 45th president imminent and the market’s high expectations for policymaking, what is realistic for investors to expect from Washington in 2017?

    766 more words
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2017 Tax Preparation Display 

Each year the Jacksonville Public Library partners with AARP to provide free tax preparation help for our patrons. The best part is that this service is completely free of charge! 41 more words