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More things we stopped the Tories doing

This is part two of  Tory Policies Blocked by the Liberal Democrats in Coalition.

Part 1 can be read here.

For the past five years Lib Dem ministers have been swimming against a strong Tory tide. 233 more words



Government “Compliance Inspections” Are Illegal Under The U. S. Constitution’s 4th. Amendment.


In this article we will demonstrate in no uncertain terms that:

  • The existing New Orleans Code of Ordinances prohibits any government “compliance inspections” of your private residence without having first established a 4th.
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4th Amendment

IRS Is Sued For Investigating Churches

Church and state are supposed to be separate, so how come the IRS gets to decide what is religious and what is not? And why is the IRS investigating churches and other religious organizations? 640 more words


Query: Travelling while running a freelance business...?

Thought I’d put this out there as I need some tips/advice to make the transition to a more freelance/mobile lifestyle–especially to writers/bloggers who are in the same situation. 193 more words


Paterson against Tory tax lock

  • When asked if the Tory pledge to legislate against raising taxes is a vote-buying gesture Paterson says “you should elect politicians to make decisions”.
  • Paterson is “not in favour of these binding bits of legislation stopping us doing stupid things.
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SBW2015: Showing Gratitude for all Small Business Owners

America is celebrating National Small Business Week all over the country & special events will be held May 4 – May 8, 2015 in cities across the United States & via the web. 359 more words

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